About Go Mel, Run!

Well hi there. So you came to learn about me huh. My name is Melyssa. It's pronounced just like Melissa. I just happen to spell it with a 'y' instead of an 'i'. Boy did some teachers love to mutilate my name. I also go by Mel or Mely.

I have an awesome and supportive husband. And we are blessed with a ham of a son. He thinks he's hilarious, and well....I think he may be right. *chuckle* I also have 2 BIG tuxedo cats. They really are BIG.

So why do I blog?
I just want to share my story and connect with others who have been in my shoes. I want to connect with those who can also get me out of these shoes. You see, as with just about everyone who has struggled with their weight, I've tried different approaches. I haven't found anything that has really stuck. I'd either get really bored with the routine, or I found the food very limiting and not enjoyable. 

But it's not all about losing weight. I actually don't care how much I weigh. I judge my progress by how my clothes fit. Muscle weighs much more than fat. But it's also leaner than fat. What's most important is keeping my insides healthy. I want to take care of all the organs that keep this body going. With all the diseases surrounding us, I knew I just had to do my best to fight them.
The one that hits me most is cancer. I hate cancer. This disease has wormed its way into my family one too many times, so I am a strong supporter in finding a cure.

So on my quest to lose weight and get healthy, I have tried quite a few diets in the past. They may sound familiar to you.

No Red Meat Diet
This was when I was attending junior college. I had the time to put in a 3hr workout almost everyday. I'd start with a walk, then jog, then walk. Sometimes I would ride my bike. Then I would do weight lifting and crunches. Oh how I do enjoy doing weights. Then I would end it all with stretches.
During this time I did not eat any red meat, and small portions were sufficient for me. But eventually I got a job. A job, school and a social life did not leave me room for my 3hr workouts. I'd have to say that this was the best diet for me because I was healthy on the inside and outside and I shed the pounds quite fast.

The Atkins Diet
I did this diet before I got married. It was initially hard to stick to, but eventually got easier. I even joined a gym through work and the workouts really helped boost the weight loss. I did lose quite a few pounds. But the food got boring. I didn't find it easy to stick with, so my nutritional intake took a crapper again. I tried to do this diet again, and again, it did work. But just like last time, it got old really fast.

The Eat-Clean Diet
I  really took a lot from this diet. It was similar to the Atkins diet, but you're not overloading your body with fat. Instead you're eating fresh fruits and veggies, and nuts. I really liked this diet. But since I wasn't working out as often, the weight loss didn't really happen. That was alright since I was feeling pretty great. I didn't continue the diet very strictly. I took lessons from it and incorporated what I learned into my current diet. I buy mostly organic, very few prepackaged foods, and red meat is no longer the main staple in our dinners.

This diet along with 20-30min of activity 4days/wk helped me maintain my weight, but I wasn't losing anything.

I have always wanted to learn how to run. I wanted to increase my stamina and be a health buff. This program taught me how to do it. I combine this with doing weights, or kayaking, on days I don't do runs in order to work my whole body throughout the week. I took this, and what I learned from the Eat-Clean Diet, and I feel awesome. I'd recommend this program to anyone in a heartbeat. The baby steps really work and I'm living proof of that. 

I'm not getting any younger. Actually as you get older, it becomes harder to stay in shape. Well better late than never. I need to take care of this body since my body is my temple. I hope by blogging about my journey, you will hold me accountable.

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