Sunday, August 29, 2010

Week Nine - Day One

Yes, I made it. This is the last week of the program. Wowie!

I wanted to sleep in this morning since I haven't been able to sleep in for about a week now. But I enjoy the early morning runs since it's much cooler. I decided to take it slow today. Then push myself on day2's run and then really push myself on day3's run. So that's my goal during this final week.

As mentioned, I took it easy this morning and averaged 15min a mile. Seems to be my norm for the last week. Not too happy about it but it could be worse. Anywho, I plan to work on my speed after I'm done with this program.

Wow, 2 more runs. I still can't believe it. 

Friday, August 27, 2010

Week Eight - Day Three

Ah, I should have ran yesterday after a good night's sleep. But the program says to rest a day in between runs. Last night my son was up crying again, so I was tired once again. Today he has a dr appt so I hope we can finally put an end to his ear infection. (well that's what we think it is)

Today was a duplicate of day2's run. About 15min a mile. Not very happy with that at all, but I did finish it. I'll be on the last week of the c25k program. I hope to do well.

My focus is to just complete the runs since I'll be working on bettering my time after the program.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

When is my first ....?

A few people have asked when my first 5k will be. I first want to work on my speed. I've done quite well so far. Much better than I predicted. But I'm still quite slow. Per the c25k program I'm slow.

c25k wk8 = 2.75miles
me = 2.11miles

My friend Raquel ran The Grape Stomp in Livermore, CA a year or so ago. I wanted to prepare fo it, but have a family event to attend that weekend. From I was able to locate quite a few races. And I found that here are so many 5k runs in California. So many to choose from. And what is awesome is that I can visit friends and family due to the location of these 5k's. It's a win-win situation.

So here's the list I plan to choose from:

October 2 Sat
San Jose

October 16 Sat

October 24 Sun
Treasure Island

October 31 Sun
Folsom Lake

November 7 Sun
San Diego

November 20 Sat

November 25 Thursday

November 25 Thursday
Point Pinole

I do plan to run my first 5k run before it starts to rain. So I better choose quick and sign up for it. This will also help me prepare and focus on bettering my time. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Week Eight - Day Two

Ugh, was so tired this morning. I really didn't have the energy to go for a run. But I also didn't want to repeat a week. This is the 2nd to the last week, and I haven't repeated any weeks thus far. I pushed through it.

Reason for me being tired is that my son has been waking up in the middle of the night. Sunday night and Monday night he woke up crying three times. Last night, ehem, this morning he woke up twice. Once at 3:15am to ask for some water. It has been hot lately. Then again around 4:15am he woke up crying. And I get up for my runs at 5am. I have just been exhausted each day this week.

I only did 5.75 laps. Much much slower than day1's run. That's only 1.85 miles which is about 15min per mile. Yuck. That's the slowest I've been in a long time. I pushed it a couple of times and especially during the last minute I was bookin. But I was just too tired.

Well I'd rather run slow and complete a day as opposed to repeating a week. Hoping to rest up for a better time on day3's run.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Born To Run - Finished

I finally finished the book today. I haven't read in a while due to my busy schedule. But I made sure to finish it this week, and it's only Tuesday!

What a great book. Jimmy Dean Freeman was right. He suggested I read it, and I thank him for that. Who would'a figured that someone like me would enjoy this book about running?

The contents of this book go beyond the topic of running. But I don't want to spoil it for you. Please read it and let me know if you share the same reaction to it.

Monday, August 23, 2010

That Was FAST

As I was outside yesterday, I saw a neighbor sprint. He was running super fast and it looked awesome. It was really impressive.

A bit of time went by and as I started to wash my car he was sprinted by again. Oh how one day I wish I could run that fast. He then ran by a few more times at a slower speed. But his slower speed was me running as fast as I could. I thought to myself, "one day".

I never saw him before, but then again I don't know too many of my neighbors. But I'll have to keep an eye out for him next time to ask him if he runs for exercise or to compete. Just curious.

Week Eight - Day One

Yesterday I did day1 of wk8. 3 more minutes that last week. Was feeling a bit tired. Was tired the day before as well. We went out to the lake. The feeling definitely dragged onto this run.

Did 6.75 laps in 28min, which is about 2.17 miles. Per the program you're supposed to be able to run 2.75 miles in this time. So average time for me was 13min per mile. Not terrible, but doesn't match where the program says I should be at this time. Hoping for better on day2's run.

I stretched, did bicep curls and back exercises. Cooled down with some Aquahydrate.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Week Seven - Day Three

Yesterday I drove the lap and it came out to 1/3 of a mile. 3.1 laps equals one mile. So did 5.75 laps on day2's run which averaged 13.5min per mile. Not so happy with that. I did better in high school, but then again I am older and haven't ran in a LONG time. This morning I strived for better.

BTW, 5.75 laps is about 1.85 miles. Per the podcast and c25k, a 25min run is supposed to equal 2.5miles. I'm way too slow.

During the 5min walk I was pumping myself up. I had to run more and run faster. This was the last 25min run of the week. Next week bumps up to 28min runs.

This morning I actually started out fast. I really pushed myself. I noticed that when I slowed down for a jog, it seemed harder on my legs. I now understand what I have been reading in blogs. The less contact you have on the ground the easier it is on your legs.

During this run, I wouldn't have been able to hold a conversation with anyone. My breathing was hard and so was my heartbeat. But I really wanted to improve my distance. I was tired, but kept pushing myself.

Today I did improve. 6.25 laps. A half lap better than day2's run. 12.5min per mile. I improved by a minute. YAY ME! It's about 2miles which is still not the 2.5miles I should be running. I'm off by 1/2 a mile. But now I know that I can improve it and I'll get there.

28min runs next week. I hope to slowly improve throughout the week. Wish me luck!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

3 People Sent It To Me

First off I'd like to state that I'm actually wearing jeans today. My jeans fit nicely. I can even slip them off and on without undoing the button. But I am wondering where my butt went. Need to work on that. I know Craig Ballantyne has some awesome workouts for this area.

I am also wearing sneakers today. Yes, what shocker that I'm wearing sneakers during the summer. It's a weird feeling, but somewhat comfortable. I was running late this morning and decided to run in the parking garage. Umm, yeah, that didn't work that well. In sneakers I ALWAYS heel strike. There's no way around it. And because I was heel striking, my head started to hurt. Yup, the impact went from my heel all the way to the back of my head. I have experienced that many times in the past, and now I finally know why my head hurts when I run.

Which brings me to something that made me smile today. 3 people sent me an article about barefoot running. Apparently it was on Yahoo! I guess I've mentioned vibrams and the Born To Run book so often, that they now associate them with me.

Welp, looking forward to my week7 day3 run.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Week Seven - Day Two

Woo-hoo! Had an awesome run today. I wore myself out, but it was good and I felt that I accomplished something. Got up at 4:50am and was draggin butt. I really didn't sleep that well. Kept getting up to go potty. Maybe I need to follow the rule I give my son, no drinking an hour prior to bedtime.

And then I was off. Started off slow as usual. First let me explain my running path. It's a lap around a group of houses. I haven't checked out how far each lap is yet. When I start running I use an object to judge where the lap begins and ends.

Continuing....I started slow as usual then decided to throw in intervals of fast and slow running. Maybe it's because I just read a blog entry about how slow and steady running pace releases cortisol which eats at your muscles. I don't want that! Interval training is so much more efficient.

The first lap was fairly slow and steady. From the second lap on, I ran half a lap at a faster pace, while the next half was done as a slower jog. It really felt good to do that. At one point it actually felt easier to run than to jog. On some of the laps I definitely ran fast more than the slow jog. I pushed myself today and it really felt great. I can do this!

Next thing you know I was half way done through the 25min. And then when I heard that there was one minute left, I pushed through and gave it all I had. Yes!

I did my 10min of stretching. But also topped off this morning's workout with a quick 7min of bicep curls. I really feel good this morning. Just wish I could continue to workout, but it's now time to make some money to pay the bills.

I plan to follow this fast run and slow jog routine on day3's run.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

More Than Running

This whole learning how to run program has definitely helped me a lot. I still have a long ways to go since I'm as slow as a turtle, and don't have the endurance that many runners have. But I am quite happy with the current temporary results. I am doing more than I have ever been able to do.

I follow the c25k program by running 3days/wk as stated. On my non-running days (or even sometimes after running) I have done weights and core exercises. But it has not been consistent. Maybe it's because I want to sleep in a bit instead of getting up at 4:50 every morning. Whatever it is, I need to break out of that habit. I can save my sleeping in for one weekend day.

From this day on, I vow to continue to wake up early during each weekday to either run or perform other exercises. If I don't get it in during the early morning, I mostlikely won't do it at night.

As my back ached a little over a week ago, I want to avoid a repeat. I need to strengthen it. My biggest problem area is my gut, so I need to incorporate planks and other moves that focus on that area. And I've read from different sources that strengthening the core will aid in improving my runs. I must go and refresh my memory on Craig Ballantyne's workouts.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Make The Piggy Go Away

So I completed wk7 day1 today. 25min run straight without walking. After the run and stretches, I drank water with some Propel. (I didn't get a chance to get my coconut juice this week, or try AquaHydrate.) I had a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast.

When I got to work I ate the following PRIOR to lunch:
- Fiber Plus Bar (oats & chocolate)
- Sweet Potato chips by Food Should Taste Good (thx to my cousin Michelle)
- PB&J on double fiber whole wheat bread (my lunch!)

Mind you, I was drinking my watered down Propel during all of this too.
WTH? I honestly can't believe that my turtle run this morning is making me this hungry....could it be true?

Well now I had to buy lunch, and I'm slowly eating a couple of pupusas. I think it's finally filling me up. I have a large banana for an afternoon snack. But only IF I continue to stay full.

Week Seven - Day One

I wasn't sure if I was going to get up to run this morning, but I did. Had to get up earlier since I changed my hours at work. Now I have to get up at 4:50 and start my run at 5am.

Today was quite a challenge. 25min straight. Just like wk6 day3's run. I started really slow. Picked up the pace a bit and slowed down again. Wow, 25min is quite long, me thinks. It was different than the other podcasts since you only hear Robert speak when you are half way through, and when you have a minute left in the run.

I chugged along and kept going, changing my pace as my legs start to tire. There were certain points where it took so much effort to get those legs up. I kept thinking about my form and doing a check in my head.

Back straight - check.
Arms swinging straight back and forth - check.
Head facing straight - check.
Lifting the feet - check.

I also thought about possibly re-doing last week's run. But I figured that I started this and have gone passed the 5min time already, that I'd just continue. My breathing was ok, but my legs were getting tired. But I did finish and that made me happy. Going to rest my legs, and give them (and my feet) a massage. I just can't believe I'm on wk7! But I am looking forward to completing the program so I can work on speed.

Week Six - Day Three

This post is a couple of days late, but I was out on vacation. I went to southern California for a family reunion. While there, I ran on the beach.

It was nice and early on a Saturday morning, about 57 degrees or so. The sun wasn't up yet and it was perfect for me. I put my aqua shoes on, not knowing how many rocks were on the beach. I decided to run next to the water where the sand was very firm. I didn't want to go too far in one direction, so I turned around. But my ankles didn't want to run that way. Near the water the land isn't flat, you're at a slight angle. You're putting a bit of stress on one leg. I had to keep running in the same direction.

It was quite a workout, running on the beach. I suppose it's because it was different than asphalt. I did turn around because I had gone too far, and just dealt with the uncomfortable feeling in my ankles. Once the 25min were up, I took off my aqua shoes and it felt great to go barefoot. I actually had to run a bit back since I had gone so far in one direction. I think I'll do it barefoot next time. I suppose if you total my running time it was closer to 28min.

I wish I did have more time to run at the beach because I can definitely get used to that.

Afterwards, I did a whole lot of walking since we went to LegoLand and the Sea Life Aquarium. Phew!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

They're Green

My toes are now painted green. And as always, my feet are planted in my favorite sandals. These babies are gonna take me to the end of the c25k program.

Here's the pic Jussy!

Have You Tried AquaHydrate Water?

I started learning how to run in order to get into shape, lose some weight, make my insides look good (per Dr. Oz's tv show), build endurance, etc. I want to take care of my body. And it actually makes me feel great!

Following Danny Wood on Twitter has been inspiring. He's always posting his workouts which keep me motivated. He started helping a friend promote this water, AquaHydrate.

Reading that your body requires hydration and repairing after strenuous activity, I started reading about different types of sports drinks. I read that coconut juice was actually a good and natural alternative to Gatorade, or what have you. Coconut juice turned out to be pretty good for me. I figured I should switch it up a bit so I looked into AquaHydrate.

While doing research on cancer, I learned that cancer can't survive in a non-acidic environment. One cancer survivor mentioned focusing on foods that helped her keep a good alkaline pH balance. I bring this up because this water contains a good balance of ionic minerals and alkaline pH. It's worth a try.

I found a place near my work that sells AquaHydrate, so I'll be getting a bottle or two on my next grocery shopping trip. Wait for a review soon!

Week Six - Day Two

Why do I feel so out of shape? I can't continue to blame mother nature for this. Hmmm.....well, I started off fine. Actually picked up some speed towards the 2nd half of the first 10min run. But by the time I started the 2nd 10min run, I was already tired. Picked up some speed in the middle and tried to push it towards the end. Wow!

After stretching I didn't feel terribly tired so I squeezed in a little workout. Bicep curls and back strengthening exercises. I am really trying to include the back exercises to avoid the aches I suffered last week.

I did the plank as well, and then ended with more stretching. Wel, I'm looking forward to my first 25min run on the beach in the next day or so.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Week Six - Day One

Got started late this morning. Son had a little accident in his bed. Oopsie. Not to mention that mother nature is draining some of my energy, so I felt a lack of spunk for my run this morning. But I got through it.

I thought that since I did a 20min run on Saturday, that the 5min and 8min runs would be easier. I blame it on lack of energy. Wasn't the best day of running for me. But I guess not every day can be blissful.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Week Five - Day Three

I only got about five hours of sleep and wasn't sure how I'd do today. I kept the pace pretty slow and easy. I mean I have to go 20min without a walk break, so I didn't want to tire out early.

I felt good this morning. I was constantly thinking about my form. Shoulders loose, arms moving front and back, back straight and I kept telling myself to lift my feet. I did start to tire and hoped I'd get a second wind. I don't think it really came, but I didn't stop. The podcast kept me updated on where I was during the 20min. 

Overall it wasn't bad. It was the toughest run by far, but I didn't give up. And during the last minute or so I picked up the pace. That felt pretty good to do.

I forgot to do my weigh in after my run. Oopsie. Oh well.

Friday, August 6, 2010


Tomorrow's run is a straight 20min without any walking breaks. The longest I've ever ran in my life. I need encouragement. I need help getting pumped up for it. I can't hear YOU!!!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Week Five - Day Two (turtle speed)

I gave my body two days to recover. After reading some articles online, it looks like being inactive prolongs the recovery process. (My desk job isn't helping it at all!) I took that info and just ran with it. Literally.

I am a day off, but did my 2nd day run today. I really slowed down the pace knowing that I am still nursing this achy back of mine. But when I run it doesn't ache. It's when I sit and lie down, that's when it aches.

Two 8min runs with a 5min walk in between. I'm glad I was still able to finish it since it's been 4 whole days since my last run. This really put me in good spirits.

Now the question is, can I do the full 20min run on Saturday? Hmmmm.....

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I Hit An Obstacle

I did. This weekend I wasn't feeling too great. The back ached a bit. I did go for my week5 day1 run on Sunday and the back was fine during the run. But later that day, the back was sore again.

Then the tummy wasn't feeling too hot either. What the heck was going on??? I even left work 3hrs early on Monday because I couldn't stand the pain anymore. The drive home was super long. I stayed home on Tuesday. Slept most of the day, and stayed off my feet.

I nursed myself with green tea, strawberries, blueberries, unsalted organic white tortilla chips and a bowl of wonton soup. Wonton soup always makes me feel a little better.

Come night time, I couldn't sleep. I was constantly tossing and turning. I couldn't find a way to alleviate the back aches for longer than a few minutes. That's it, I couldn't stay in bed any longer. I contemplated going for my week5 day2 run which was scheduled this morning, but didn't. I decided to listen to my body one more day. So off to work I went, but not before hitting the store to get some heat pads. I don't feel they're hot enough, but better than nothing.

I'm disappointed that I am off schedule. It's just a day, but it's been 3 whole days between runs so far. After this many days, do I have what it takes to make it and continue with week5? Or should I finish off the week with a 5min and 8min runs?

The latter half of next week I'll be in Southern California. I have to think about doing my runs there in a totally different atmosphere. What to do? What to do?

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Julie Moss Inspires Me

This is so inspiring to me. Just about brought tears to my eyes. 23 year old competes in the 1982 Hawaii Iron Man competition. She's in first place, but towards the end her body starts to shut down due to exhaustion. The runner that was once 20min behinds her wins first place. 

Julie did not give up. Her determination kept her going. Each time she collapsed she got back up again. Eventually....well, I don't want to spoil it for you. Please watch this amazing video.

Week Five - Day One

I did not peek so this week came as a surprise. I listened to the intro of the podcast and learned how different this week would be. Three different types of runs this week, yikes.

Today's run consisted of three 5min runs with 3min breaks in between. Last week it was 3min runs then 5min runs. The 5min runs initially killed me and the 3min runs were doable. 

I started off slow to avoid tiring out soon. During the second 5min run I seemed to have picked up the pace. I'm just following what my legs want to do. It wasn't so bad. Then came the last 5min run. I started off a bit slow again, but my legs wanted to pick up the pace. Wow. I really can't believe I did it. I can't believe how doable the 5min runs were. 

Maybe it was because I felt I was keeping form much better today. Head was looking forward, back was straight, arms swinging from front to back and not side to side, and the legs were just doing their thing. Apparently my feet seem to like running in the sandals, so I think that's what I'll stick with for the rest of this program.

I actually want to do it again in order to prep for day2 of this week's run. But the sun is out now and it would just be too hot for me. Plus, I really don't want to tire myself out. Maybe tomorrow I can do a quick 5min run just to get it out of my system.

That's how I often feel now. While at work, I am thinking about running and practicing my form. That's all I want to do. It's so hard to not think about it.
Do any of you feel the same way?
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