Thursday, August 26, 2010

When is my first ....?

A few people have asked when my first 5k will be. I first want to work on my speed. I've done quite well so far. Much better than I predicted. But I'm still quite slow. Per the c25k program I'm slow.

c25k wk8 = 2.75miles
me = 2.11miles

My friend Raquel ran The Grape Stomp in Livermore, CA a year or so ago. I wanted to prepare fo it, but have a family event to attend that weekend. From I was able to locate quite a few races. And I found that here are so many 5k runs in California. So many to choose from. And what is awesome is that I can visit friends and family due to the location of these 5k's. It's a win-win situation.

So here's the list I plan to choose from:

October 2 Sat
San Jose

October 16 Sat

October 24 Sun
Treasure Island

October 31 Sun
Folsom Lake

November 7 Sun
San Diego

November 20 Sat

November 25 Thursday

November 25 Thursday
Point Pinole

I do plan to run my first 5k run before it starts to rain. So I better choose quick and sign up for it. This will also help me prepare and focus on bettering my time. Wish me luck!

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