Monday, August 16, 2010

Make The Piggy Go Away

So I completed wk7 day1 today. 25min run straight without walking. After the run and stretches, I drank water with some Propel. (I didn't get a chance to get my coconut juice this week, or try AquaHydrate.) I had a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast.

When I got to work I ate the following PRIOR to lunch:
- Fiber Plus Bar (oats & chocolate)
- Sweet Potato chips by Food Should Taste Good (thx to my cousin Michelle)
- PB&J on double fiber whole wheat bread (my lunch!)

Mind you, I was drinking my watered down Propel during all of this too.
WTH? I honestly can't believe that my turtle run this morning is making me this hungry....could it be true?

Well now I had to buy lunch, and I'm slowly eating a couple of pupusas. I think it's finally filling me up. I have a large banana for an afternoon snack. But only IF I continue to stay full.

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