Tuesday, August 17, 2010

More Than Running

This whole learning how to run program has definitely helped me a lot. I still have a long ways to go since I'm as slow as a turtle, and don't have the endurance that many runners have. But I am quite happy with the current temporary results. I am doing more than I have ever been able to do.

I follow the c25k program by running 3days/wk as stated. On my non-running days (or even sometimes after running) I have done weights and core exercises. But it has not been consistent. Maybe it's because I want to sleep in a bit instead of getting up at 4:50 every morning. Whatever it is, I need to break out of that habit. I can save my sleeping in for one weekend day.

From this day on, I vow to continue to wake up early during each weekday to either run or perform other exercises. If I don't get it in during the early morning, I mostlikely won't do it at night.

As my back ached a little over a week ago, I want to avoid a repeat. I need to strengthen it. My biggest problem area is my gut, so I need to incorporate planks and other moves that focus on that area. And I've read from different sources that strengthening the core will aid in improving my runs. I must go and refresh my memory on Craig Ballantyne's workouts.

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