Friday, August 20, 2010

Week Seven - Day Three

Yesterday I drove the lap and it came out to 1/3 of a mile. 3.1 laps equals one mile. So did 5.75 laps on day2's run which averaged 13.5min per mile. Not so happy with that. I did better in high school, but then again I am older and haven't ran in a LONG time. This morning I strived for better.

BTW, 5.75 laps is about 1.85 miles. Per the podcast and c25k, a 25min run is supposed to equal 2.5miles. I'm way too slow.

During the 5min walk I was pumping myself up. I had to run more and run faster. This was the last 25min run of the week. Next week bumps up to 28min runs.

This morning I actually started out fast. I really pushed myself. I noticed that when I slowed down for a jog, it seemed harder on my legs. I now understand what I have been reading in blogs. The less contact you have on the ground the easier it is on your legs.

During this run, I wouldn't have been able to hold a conversation with anyone. My breathing was hard and so was my heartbeat. But I really wanted to improve my distance. I was tired, but kept pushing myself.

Today I did improve. 6.25 laps. A half lap better than day2's run. 12.5min per mile. I improved by a minute. YAY ME! It's about 2miles which is still not the 2.5miles I should be running. I'm off by 1/2 a mile. But now I know that I can improve it and I'll get there.

28min runs next week. I hope to slowly improve throughout the week. Wish me luck!

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