Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Week Seven - Day Two

Woo-hoo! Had an awesome run today. I wore myself out, but it was good and I felt that I accomplished something. Got up at 4:50am and was draggin butt. I really didn't sleep that well. Kept getting up to go potty. Maybe I need to follow the rule I give my son, no drinking an hour prior to bedtime.

And then I was off. Started off slow as usual. First let me explain my running path. It's a lap around a group of houses. I haven't checked out how far each lap is yet. When I start running I use an object to judge where the lap begins and ends.

Continuing....I started slow as usual then decided to throw in intervals of fast and slow running. Maybe it's because I just read a blog entry about how slow and steady running pace releases cortisol which eats at your muscles. I don't want that! Interval training is so much more efficient.

The first lap was fairly slow and steady. From the second lap on, I ran half a lap at a faster pace, while the next half was done as a slower jog. It really felt good to do that. At one point it actually felt easier to run than to jog. On some of the laps I definitely ran fast more than the slow jog. I pushed myself today and it really felt great. I can do this!

Next thing you know I was half way done through the 25min. And then when I heard that there was one minute left, I pushed through and gave it all I had. Yes!

I did my 10min of stretching. But also topped off this morning's workout with a quick 7min of bicep curls. I really feel good this morning. Just wish I could continue to workout, but it's now time to make some money to pay the bills.

I plan to follow this fast run and slow jog routine on day3's run.

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