Monday, August 16, 2010

Week Six - Day Three

This post is a couple of days late, but I was out on vacation. I went to southern California for a family reunion. While there, I ran on the beach.

It was nice and early on a Saturday morning, about 57 degrees or so. The sun wasn't up yet and it was perfect for me. I put my aqua shoes on, not knowing how many rocks were on the beach. I decided to run next to the water where the sand was very firm. I didn't want to go too far in one direction, so I turned around. But my ankles didn't want to run that way. Near the water the land isn't flat, you're at a slight angle. You're putting a bit of stress on one leg. I had to keep running in the same direction.

It was quite a workout, running on the beach. I suppose it's because it was different than asphalt. I did turn around because I had gone too far, and just dealt with the uncomfortable feeling in my ankles. Once the 25min were up, I took off my aqua shoes and it felt great to go barefoot. I actually had to run a bit back since I had gone so far in one direction. I think I'll do it barefoot next time. I suppose if you total my running time it was closer to 28min.

I wish I did have more time to run at the beach because I can definitely get used to that.

Afterwards, I did a whole lot of walking since we went to LegoLand and the Sea Life Aquarium. Phew!

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