Thursday, September 30, 2010

That Kicked Butt

I tried something different during my 11min workout today. Read on.....

incline of 3.5
     2min walk at 2.5
     4min run at 3.5
     4min walk at 2.5

incline of 0
     1min walk at 2.5


Yes, I increased the incline by a whole degree. I ran at a slower pace of 3.5, but that still kicked my butt. I went longer too and it felt good. I totally felt a difference. I thought about going another round, but I was still breathing a little heavy so I figured I'd just walk the rest of the way. Plus, I don't want to wear myself out before my 5k on Saturday. That would be muy bad.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

2010 Minimalist Footwear Review

Yes, I just read it. It was written by the Barefoot Runners Society. It's pretty interesting and very detailed. Check it out. It's about 7.19mb, so give it a few minutes to load.

I'd try the FeelMax Niesa. Looks cute for everyday wear also. I would definitely rock those.

I do plan to get a pair of The Invisible Shoe Huaraches. They just look so free and probably the closest thing to actually being barefoot. Or do I want the Lunda Sandals? I just don't know. Or the Unshoes Wokova Sandals? They are all very similar. Anyone have any advice on which to get?

The VFF Bikilas had a pretty good review. But I just got my KSO's, I don't need another pair of VFFs. Funny thing is that I was just messaging a runner who just got a pair. He does run barefoot, but got the Bikilas for trail running, and he loves them.

So read the review and let me know which ones you've tried, or which ones you plan to try. Happy shoe shopping!

AWESOME 25-Minute Workout

I did an 11min workout on the treadmill earlier. Then just got back from a 25min workout involving running and weights.

incline of 2.5
     1min walk at 2.5
     7min run at 4.5
     2min walk at 2.5
     5min run at 4.5
     2min walk at 2.5
incline of 0
     2min walk at 2.5 then down to 1.9

Bicep curls - 2 sets of 10reps with 15lbs
(slowly bring dumbbell back down for an efficient workout)

Lat Pull Down (back) - single set of 10reps with 70lbs
(sit down and pull it behind your head)

Lat Pull Down (triceps) - single set of 10reps with 40lbs
(stand up, elbows to sides and push it down)

S-T-R-E-T-C-H !!!!!!
You don't want to hurt, so do your stretches. Every now and then I like to go a bit further and give my muscles a quick rub down. I like to think muscles enjoy a good massage.

Weird thing was that the treadmill had a mind of its own. It was possesed! No matter what incline I was at it kept resetting itself to an incline of 1.5 every couple of minutes. It was getting annoying, but luckily I was able to continue with my workout.

I wanted to go longer on the run, and I did. It felt awesome. I am trying to simulate the hill I need to run up during this Saturday's 5k. So far so good.

So there you have it. One can do a lot in 25min. Staying fit does not always have to take a lot of your time. Just be sure to stay active and eat healthy.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I do. It makes shopping much more difficult. For instance, I went to Fleet Feet today to get a top. The tops fit fine all over except for my gut. Ugh, it's so annoying and SO not attractive.

I think it's time for me to really focus in this problem area. More planks! (to start) And yes, I've read that if I give up wheat and dairy I can lose this muffin top. But you know what? I don't choose to do that. As I've mentioned throughout my blog, I like to eat. I like to be able to indulge in junk food from time to time, I am human for crying out loud. I have failed in other very strict diets that say you can't eat the food you like, so why should I start doing that once again? If I have to work harder on my body in order to eat the food I enjoy, then so be it.

In addition to bettering my 5k time, I need to start on Craig Ballantyne's Turbulence Training. He has a program which works all aspects of your body, AND you don't need to spend hours in the gym doing it. I love reading his tweets and emails. They are so motivational.

Is anyone doing Turbulence Training now?

Monday, September 27, 2010

I Got The Route Info

Saturday is my first 5k. I searched high and low looking for the route info. My hubby and son want to see me cross the finish line. (blush) Finally I clicked on a link in the event page and emailed someone. I got a response from the timing coordinator and he sent me this link. Yes!

Shell/MEF Run for Education

I checked it out and yikes, there's a hill. I kinda had a feeling there was, but without seeing the route it was hard to tell. I was hoping my time would be about 36min, but I think it will be longer. Ok, I'll now predict that I'll finish in 40min. Ugh. But after the hill is all downhill and flat, so maybe I can make up my time.

One good thing is that I've been doing short 10min interval trainings on the treadmill using an incline of 2.5. I sure hope that will help. I guess we'll see.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fleet Feet ROCKS!

I bought my Vibrams at Dom's Outdoor Outfitters. Pretty cool store. Had lotsa stuff for hiking, hunting, camping, etc. Been there twice so far. BUT when I finally went into a Fleet Feet store, I was amazed. A store focused on running? OMG, what took me so long? Ah, I fell in love with it. I wanted to buy everything, AND they sell Vibrams. I think they had a better selection and stock on hand.

They had tons of footwear, great apparel, accessories, and other nifty items for runners. They carried One More Mile running apparel. The sayings on the shirts were so cute and funny. And the shirts themselves were very lightweight, which is a plus for me! I also liked the table they had full of running material; upcoming runs in the immediate area, maps, etc. I cannot wait to return to the store.

Fleet Feet is not just a store, but many have weekly group runs. That just really tells you that these stores know about running, and can help you find what you need. Check them out!

My Body Talks To Me

Yes it does. Me and the fam went out running errands today. One of the stops was Wal-Mart. While waiting in line I noticed these new coconut M&M's. The bag was 67cents so I grabbed one. My hubby grabbed an 8-pack of tiny Almond Joys. Then he grabbed a 1-liter of a grape Welch's soda.

I ate a handful of the M&M's, one of the lil tiny Almond Joy's and took a couple of gulps of the soda. Mind you, I RARELY drink soda. I can't even finish a whole can. I love my water! Anywho, I started to get a headache and I just started to feel weird. The heat didn't help either. I knew it. I was putting stuff into my body that it normally does not consume and it definitely noticed it. Ugh. Once we hit Trader Joe's, I gulped down a couple of cups of water. That helped some and I started to feel better. The body always amazes me. And good thing that I listen to it when it talks to me.

We feel our body speak to us when we consume something bad. But the body also speaks to us when we do something good for it. Are you in touch with your body?

Friday, September 24, 2010

You Gotta Have A Rest Day

And today is mine. Although I am traning for my first 5k which is in a week, I know I need to rest. I am telling myself not to run today and let the legs recoupe from yesterday's run and incline training.

So today I may walk a bit to get some fresh air and create some blood flow. Definitely needed when you have a desk job like me.

I also massage my legs and feet to help with blood flow also. I have an awesome hubby who gives me massages almost on a daily basis. It's so relaxing, and who better to give you one than your life partner.

Have an awesome Friday everyone.
The weekend is upon us.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Why I Choose To Run In The Morning

I shared my RunKeeper results from today's run to a couple of co-workers. One of them noticed the early time post. Yes, I run around 5am. 
Am I crazy?! 
Why would I do that?! 
Yes, I understand that it's way too early for many people. But that's my "me" time.

It's quiet in the morning. No one is walking or playing on the road. The early commuters are awake, but that only accounts for a few vehicles during my run. Occasionally I see the garbage trucks, but it's not a big deal.

It's nice and cold. Yes, I do enjoy the coldness of the mornings before the sun rises. It's like running on a treadmill with the fan spinning to cool you off. But since I'm starting to do 5k's, I think it may be time to learn how to run while the sun is up. Yikes, that will be quite an adjustment.

And if I don't get my run in first thing in the morning, then there's a really good chance that I won't get to it. The run helps set the rest of the day for me. I feel awesome knowing that I've accomplished that, and any other exercise I do during the rest of the day is the cherry on top.

When do you do your runs?

OMG! Faster AND Longer!

First off, I ran 30min in my KSOs today. And I just gotta tell ya, WOW! They were so comfortable. Yes, I felt more of the ground than I did in my sandals but that's OK because I'm supposed to. I didn't have to worry about any rocks or pebbles getting stuck in them because they fit like a glove. I am really impressed with them.

Not only are they comfy, I feel they gave me an edge. I ran much faster today. I felt like I had more endurance today. My legs were going faster for longer periods of time. I ran around those group of houses which I call my lap. I believe the most laps I was able to run in 30min was 6.75 laps. Well today, I ran a little over 7.5 laps. It felt awesome.

Having run the 7.5 laps, I was sure that I'd complete 3.1 miles, but I was wrong. I mean it was the highest number of laps I've ran. But.....

Per RunKeeper, this is today's results.

(Sorry, I still haven't bought the app to report on Twitter.)
That means my estimated calculations for my previous runs when doing the c25k program were not as close as I thought. What a bummer. But now I know. And an important tip is to download an app on your smart phone, or find a tool to track your distance and time. I definitely wish I would've done this earlier. But I'm learning.

The app is really cool since you get to see your average pace on a particular minute. I was so stoked to see that on minute 27, my average speed was 10:01min/mile. SO STOKED!

So my first 5k is in about a week. My goal was to run it under 40min. At this rate, I think it's very doable. On my next run, I'll have to run for 35min to see if I really do finish a 5k in my goal time.

So what was it that really gave me the edge today?
Was it....
     my carb loading on seafood pasta last night?
     not having ran my laps in a while?
     the vibrams?
     my short incline trainings on the treadmill?
     a good night's sleep?
     all of the above?

What do you think? Please share your thoughts.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Joined BRS!

Yeah, thanks for Corey. BRS is short for Barefoot Runners Society. Open to those who run barefoot or in minimalistic footwear (that's me!). I signed up for the SF Bay Chapter, so I'm waiting for confirmation on my request to join.

I just think it's time for me to start running with a group. Not all the time since I do enjoy my individual runs. But sometimes it may be nice to run with others. Maybe the group to keep me motivated, or to learn about runs, technique and so forth. There' s a lot of good info on the site, but I haven't had a chance to read it all yet.

Check it out!

Does Coffee Give You Energy?

Back in the day I used to drink coffee all day long not knowing or caring about my health. I don't think it does anything for me, irregardless whether it's decaf or not. But the smell and taste is yummilicious. Now I rarely drink it. If anything 1 or half a cup a week, and many weeks I just don't drink it.
But if I do drink, then this is how I do it:
     - fill cup up with soymilk and drink half of it
     - add a tiny spoonful of a creamer for flavor
     - fill the rest with coffee
Yes, it's a bit watered down but I get the taste and smell of it.

About an hour after I took a 15min break and headed to the gym for a quick workout. Mind you, these little workouts just help keep me moving since I have a desk job. I really don't want my rear end to resemble a Mack truck! So not pretty, unless you're like Sir-Mix-A-Lot!

This is what I did today.
incline of 2.5:
     walked 2min
     ran 2min at 4.0
     walked 2min
     ran 2min at 4.5
     walked 2min

incline of 0:
     walked 1min

stretch (I keep forgetting to add this part)

Usually when I run, the first 2min or so is a lil tough when it comes to breathing. But afterwards my body adjusts and I'm fine. So the first 2min run at 4.0 pushed me. But the second 2min run at 4.5 wasn't so bad. It actually felt pretty darn good. Now is this the coffee kicking in? I don't know. I've read reports where some say that they'll consume some caffeine 30min or so prior to their run for a boost of energy.

Does this happen to you?
Do you always consume caffeine prior to running, biking, swimming, etc?

What I also did today was change up my routine. I've been reading that starting out slower and then increasing your pace will help one not tire out so easily. So maybe this was the trick. Ahhh....guess we'll find out tomorrow.

And no, I didn't do my 30min run this morning. I left my vibrams at work. I was so looking to run in them. Tomorrow's another day.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fresh Healthy Vending

Awesome, awesome, awesome!
This is total common sense, and someone finally brought it to life.

Vending machines are EVERYWHERE! Malls, strip malls, hospitals, schools, airports, etc. And they're all full of CRAP! They're full of candy, cookies, chips and sodas. And apparently we are all ok with that. But why are we ok with that? It's the norm.

I am hoping that this company will make a difference and begin the change to healthier eating. If all we're surrounded by is junk food, then that's what we gravitate to. But what we don't realize is that we're killing our bodies. We are constantly poisoning this temple that the Lord has given us.

Some schools have removed the vending the machines. That's a start. But what about all those other locations? The vending machines full of crap are still there.

Fresh Healthy Vending is going to STOMP on those high fructose corn syrup filled machines. (They even have a franchise opportunity if you're interested.) Let's give our kids, and the rest of us, a chance to eat healthier. And I hope in return, to live healthier.

TJ's Fiberful is Ick!

I love shopping at Trader Joe's. I do about 90% of my shopping there, including toiletries and laundry detergent. (I'd shop at a Whole Foods too if one was closer.)

My son always gets those dried fruit strips. He calls them his fruit roll-ups. Right next to them were these FIBERFUL dried fruit and veggie strips. Figured it would be good. I mean dried fruit and veggies together? How perfect is that? Well I tasted it this morning, and ewwwww. This was not good at all. Sorry TJ's, this one gets a thumbs down from me.

Luckily I brought a bunch of other goodies to munch on today!

Ran on Treadmill with my Vibrams

Well I ran in the halls to get to the gym and it felt really good. In the gym I got the treadmill for 11min.

incline of 2.5:
     walked for 2min
     ran for 2min at 4.5 (this will get your heart pumpin!)
     walked for 2min
       jogged for 2min at 3.5
     walked for 2min

incline of 0:
     walked for 2min

I really wanted to run on an incline of 0 to see how it felt compared to the incline of 2.5, but time was up for my lil workout. Thinking of going for a run tomorrow morning. Then I'll let you know how it feels to run in Vibrams.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Even The Punisher Likes Vibrams

The Punisher (Extended Cut)Mmmmm, Thomas Jane. He totally kicked arse in The Punisher.

He was interviewed by George Lopez and mentioned that he wears vibrams. He said that shoes are like prison for your feet. Even George Lopez is wearing a pair. You just gotta watch the clip. I wonder who else in Hollywood runs in their fivefingers.

1 Mile And New Toys!

I decided to sleep in til 6am this morning. I ran a mile. The run was much better than last since I had music to keep me company. Apparently that really makes a difference to me. I picked up the pace a bit too, averaging about 13:30min/mile. The time for my mile today was 13:34. Per RunKeeper, my fastest time was minute 11 at a pace of 11:02min/mile. So my goal is to reach that.

Today I went to Dom's Outdoor Outfitters to get my KSO's. I am SO happy. One clerk pointed out the box of Five Fingers and mentioned that he really enjoys his. I told him that I can't wait to use them since I currently run in my Teva-like sandals. He was somewhat surprised and said that he has never heard of anyone running in sandals before. I found it interesting that he runs in vibrams but isn't aware of other minimalistic forms of "shoes". Along with my KSO's I got my matching CamelBak bottle with quick grip. Yay! I match!

Ok, I've got 13 more days til my first 5k. Time's a ticking!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Ankle Strengthening Exercises from RDB

RunnerDude's Blog has an awesome video on ankle exercises. It definitely makes sense to take care and strengthen your ankles. Even my hubby, who stands a lot at work, sometimes gets sore ankles. 

So whether you're a runner, or just someone who gets sore ankles, this would be a good exercise to perform.

Guess I'll be adding a resistance band to the list of things to buy.

Why TRX Suspension Training?

OMG, What Did I Do?

Ahhh, I just signed up for another 5k. And this one is in 2 weeks, so it will be my official first 5k. Ahhhh!!!!!

I apparently love to put pressure on myself.

There's also a pasta feed even the night before....mmmmm.....I may have to attend that as well.

Check it out!


Yes, I did! Ugh!

I downloaded this free version of the RunKeeper app on my iPhone. Free because I am frugal. So I wake up this morning and went on my run without any music. It was a different route which was great. But not having music sucked.

Initially I was struggling, but after a couple of minutes I was doing just fine. But it was so different to run without any music, or the podcast. I started to tire and stopped. At that moment I already felt pretty bad about the run, and looking at RunKeeper confirmed it.

My hubby told me that I could run my iPod and an app at the same time. What?! I had no idea! We have the 3G and it does not support multi-tasking, so I thought I couldn't listen to the iPod and use an app at the same time. Low and behold I tried it and it worked. Oh my. I just totally had an "uh-doy" moment. Now I know for Sunday's run.

But using RunKeeper was pretty cool. I got to see my average running pace at each minute. My fastest minute was at a 12min and 26sec running pace. If I can keep it at that pace then I'll be happy. I also got to see the route I took. Seems to work well for me so far.
What do you use to keep track of your routes and/or times?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Signed Up For My First 5k's

Yes, I did. I forced myself to sign up now in fear that the race would be filled up. But I didn't sign up for just one, but two! Yeah, I'm just crazy like that. Always pushing myself harder. But this will force me to work hard and train for them.

Oktobrewfest 5K
Saturday October 16th at 5:30pm in Davis, CA.
There is also a Kids Root Beer Float Fun Run.
I don't drink, but figured this would be a good first race since it involves running on streets which is what I'm used to.

Nitro Turkey Thanksgiving Run
Thursday November 25th at 8:45am in Point Pinole Pinole Regional Park
Yes, it's on Thanksgiving morning.
This is a very family friendly event.
There is a 5k, 10k and a Little Turkeys race for the kids.
It's also a fun event since they encourage participants to dress up as turkeys.
I'll have to try and come up with something comfortable to run in.
This one is going to be a bit tougher for me since there is no pavement running. It's on trails, but the views should be beautiful.

So now I think it's time I order my KSO's and start training in them.
Well, wish me luck. And feel free to join me in these races.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Finally A Starting Point

Took my break this morning and got on the treadmill for 10min.
I think I found my starting point with the incline training.
This is what I did....

Incline of 3:
     Walked 2min
     Ran 2min
     Walked 2min
     Ran 2min
     Walked 1min

Incline of 0:
     Waled the last minute

Stretched for a minute.

I really felt it in my calves. There were getting a workout.
I was running in my sneakers due to the rules of the gym.
I can't wait to my KSO's!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Run Wherever You Can

I work in an office with a very small gym. I took a 10min break.
Within that 10min I did some interval training. At several different inclines I walked, ran and jogged. It felt good to get out of my seat and move.
Even if it's just short spurts of running, I just do it. Every little bit helps.

Shasta and a Treadmill

Last week I went to Shasta Lake. We rented a houseboat and it was awesome. We've done this about 6 times so far. I didn't do any running during this trip. But I did try and get into the water as much as possible. With this weird weather, it has been cold and even rained one day.

I haven't been in a pool in about 15 years. In the lake we usually wear our live jackets or use other floating devices. I actually wondered if I could even swim. The last few times we've gone to the lake this year I've been taking my life jacket off. And wow, what a workout, but it felt great. I feel like I'm learning how to swim again!

Now we're home and I had to get back to running. I haven't ran in a week, but knew I had to get back into it quick. This morning I only ran for about 10min. I just wasn't into it. I think I'm bored with my route.

Then I practiced running barefoot inside our home since it was still dark outside. We have tile and pergo inside, and I always walk around barefoot when at home. It felt good and I hope to try and do that more outside.

This is life after c25k. My goal is to get faster. My plan of re-doing week seven until I'm faster has failed me. I've read about people running on hills. After running on hills, flat is easy. But there are no hills by my house. So I'm searching for a treadmill with an incline. This way I can cancel my gym membership since I never go. And I can run inside during winter, and use the incline for training. I hope to find one soon.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Toning Does Make A Difference

Running does make a difference. I haven't tracked my weight loss. I didn't lose much weight. Maybe about 5lbs total. My eating habits are pretty good though. I'm sure I could lose more weight, but I have been on those really restricting diets and they didn't last for me.

I am human and do indulge every now and then. So I am willing to toss the idea of being super skinny, in order to indulge in food I enjoy. Heck, we only live once.

But due to running and eating healthy, my body has toned a bit. I can now fit into my clothes better. My gut is no longer that huge disappointing area. I still have a gut, but it's not as pronounced. I feel like I look better and I know I definitely feel better physically and emotionally.

I am sure doctors will still tell me that I'm overweight and obese due to my weight. And yes, I still need to drop those numbers a bit. But I'm sure I'll be toning up more as I continue to run, exercise and eat healthy. Don't forget that muscle does weigh more than fat.

I Have Done This

This is in regards to a Runner's World article. During some of my runs on the c25k program, I would pick an object and run fast until I reached that object. And then I'd slow down to an easy jog. I have been doing that quite a bit towards the last few weeks in the program, trying to squeeze in more distance during that last minute. It's a way to push myself, especially since I'm not a fast runner.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

So What's Next After c25k?

Well I definitely plan to keep running 3x per week. I've gotten into a routine and I don't want to break out of it. It took a lot to get to where I am now, and I don't want to throw all that hard work away.

I plan to work on my speed. I'm not very fast. How do I propose to do that? I  plan to go back and repeat wk7 until I can run 2.5miles in 25min. I'm just gonna keep at it until I get there. I'll start off slow and slowly increase my speed.

I also plan to really focus working on my arms, back and core at least 2x a week. Running is awesome, but I know I need to work on the rest of my body as well.

And yes, I haven't had time to search for a 5k to do this year. Any suggestions? 

Friday, September 3, 2010

Donut Anyone?

Nope, I didn't eat it today. I just didn't want to ruin my little celebration of completing the c25k program.

It's up for any takers!

Week Nine - Day Three (c25k Completed!)

Slept early last night. I think I may have finally went to sleep at 9:30pm. Slept pretty good I think. Could have slept longer, but there was no way I was going to miss today's run.

First lap went pretty good. After a few laps my legs started to feel a bit heavy. wth? But I kept going. And then either someone ran over a skunk, or it sprayed on something, because it smelled really bad. Are you kidding me? Why is this happening on my last run of the program? When I got closer to the smell I just had to breathe into my hand for a bit. ick!

And then I finally did it. I completed wk9 day3 in about the same as day2's run. 2.1 miles in 30min. But not only did I complete wk9, I completed the whole Couch To 5k running program. What a journey. And thanks to those who gave me motivation throughout the last 27 runs. To pat myself on the back, I have come a long way. I was never able to run more than 2min, but now I can last 30min. It may not be fast right now, but it's not too shabby either.

I just knew I had to celebrate. But how? After doing my stretches and aquahydrated up.....I continued my workout! Worked on my core and back. Then more stretches. As Tony the Tiger would say, I feel G-R-R-R-R-e-a-t!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

You Just Never Know

Dr. Oz just turned 50 and went in for a procedure. Without it, it could have turned cancerous. Read the People Mag article.

Cancer is affecting all of us. We do what we can to prevent it, and other diseases. But we still should get routine check-ups.

Stay active, eat the right foods, and stay happy.

Fit Yummy Mummy

I just heard an interview Craig Ballantyne had with Holly Rigsby. I added Fit Yummy Mummy's blog to my page. Her website is full of great info also.

In her interview she focused on the core of mothers. A touchy topic for many of us. Mine is such an issue. Many times clothes don't fit right because of this problem area. Well ladies, there is a solution. It's going to take a lot of work, hard work. But you have to think about what is more important to you:
That slice of wheat bread with your breakfast, or to die for abs?

Listen to the interview here.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ah Yes, It Does Work

About a month ago I was having back aches. I continued to run and my back didn't hurt while I ran. It was awesome. But to prevent and strengthen my back I started doing exercises focused on that area.

The same with my core. I really need help in that area. And planks are awesome for it.

Here is an article that mentions that both of these exercises help.

Week Nine - Day Two

I slept early last night. Got a full 8hrs of sleep. It felt great. But since I haven't had much sleep lately, I wanted to stay in bed. But I couldn't do that. Today is the 2nd to the last day of the program.

I rolled out of bed and was on my way. Started off in a slow jog, then ran. I pushed myself a bit more today by running faster more often. And it paid off. Ran 2.1miles which averaged about 14min and 20sec per mile. Hey, I'll take that! 40sec faster than what I've been running lately.

Stretched and hydrated with some AquaHydrate!

Hoping to push myself on the last run. Aiming for under 14min per mile.
Wait for my next blog post.
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