Sunday, September 5, 2010

Toning Does Make A Difference

Running does make a difference. I haven't tracked my weight loss. I didn't lose much weight. Maybe about 5lbs total. My eating habits are pretty good though. I'm sure I could lose more weight, but I have been on those really restricting diets and they didn't last for me.

I am human and do indulge every now and then. So I am willing to toss the idea of being super skinny, in order to indulge in food I enjoy. Heck, we only live once.

But due to running and eating healthy, my body has toned a bit. I can now fit into my clothes better. My gut is no longer that huge disappointing area. I still have a gut, but it's not as pronounced. I feel like I look better and I know I definitely feel better physically and emotionally.

I am sure doctors will still tell me that I'm overweight and obese due to my weight. And yes, I still need to drop those numbers a bit. But I'm sure I'll be toning up more as I continue to run, exercise and eat healthy. Don't forget that muscle does weigh more than fat.

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