Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Shasta and a Treadmill

Last week I went to Shasta Lake. We rented a houseboat and it was awesome. We've done this about 6 times so far. I didn't do any running during this trip. But I did try and get into the water as much as possible. With this weird weather, it has been cold and even rained one day.

I haven't been in a pool in about 15 years. In the lake we usually wear our live jackets or use other floating devices. I actually wondered if I could even swim. The last few times we've gone to the lake this year I've been taking my life jacket off. And wow, what a workout, but it felt great. I feel like I'm learning how to swim again!

Now we're home and I had to get back to running. I haven't ran in a week, but knew I had to get back into it quick. This morning I only ran for about 10min. I just wasn't into it. I think I'm bored with my route.

Then I practiced running barefoot inside our home since it was still dark outside. We have tile and pergo inside, and I always walk around barefoot when at home. It felt good and I hope to try and do that more outside.

This is life after c25k. My goal is to get faster. My plan of re-doing week seven until I'm faster has failed me. I've read about people running on hills. After running on hills, flat is easy. But there are no hills by my house. So I'm searching for a treadmill with an incline. This way I can cancel my gym membership since I never go. And I can run inside during winter, and use the incline for training. I hope to find one soon.

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