Wednesday, September 29, 2010

AWESOME 25-Minute Workout

I did an 11min workout on the treadmill earlier. Then just got back from a 25min workout involving running and weights.

incline of 2.5
     1min walk at 2.5
     7min run at 4.5
     2min walk at 2.5
     5min run at 4.5
     2min walk at 2.5
incline of 0
     2min walk at 2.5 then down to 1.9

Bicep curls - 2 sets of 10reps with 15lbs
(slowly bring dumbbell back down for an efficient workout)

Lat Pull Down (back) - single set of 10reps with 70lbs
(sit down and pull it behind your head)

Lat Pull Down (triceps) - single set of 10reps with 40lbs
(stand up, elbows to sides and push it down)

S-T-R-E-T-C-H !!!!!!
You don't want to hurt, so do your stretches. Every now and then I like to go a bit further and give my muscles a quick rub down. I like to think muscles enjoy a good massage.

Weird thing was that the treadmill had a mind of its own. It was possesed! No matter what incline I was at it kept resetting itself to an incline of 1.5 every couple of minutes. It was getting annoying, but luckily I was able to continue with my workout.

I wanted to go longer on the run, and I did. It felt awesome. I am trying to simulate the hill I need to run up during this Saturday's 5k. So far so good.

So there you have it. One can do a lot in 25min. Staying fit does not always have to take a lot of your time. Just be sure to stay active and eat healthy.

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