Friday, September 17, 2010


Yes, I did! Ugh!

I downloaded this free version of the RunKeeper app on my iPhone. Free because I am frugal. So I wake up this morning and went on my run without any music. It was a different route which was great. But not having music sucked.

Initially I was struggling, but after a couple of minutes I was doing just fine. But it was so different to run without any music, or the podcast. I started to tire and stopped. At that moment I already felt pretty bad about the run, and looking at RunKeeper confirmed it.

My hubby told me that I could run my iPod and an app at the same time. What?! I had no idea! We have the 3G and it does not support multi-tasking, so I thought I couldn't listen to the iPod and use an app at the same time. Low and behold I tried it and it worked. Oh my. I just totally had an "uh-doy" moment. Now I know for Sunday's run.

But using RunKeeper was pretty cool. I got to see my average running pace at each minute. My fastest minute was at a 12min and 26sec running pace. If I can keep it at that pace then I'll be happy. I also got to see the route I took. Seems to work well for me so far.
What do you use to keep track of your routes and/or times?

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