Wednesday, September 29, 2010

2010 Minimalist Footwear Review

Yes, I just read it. It was written by the Barefoot Runners Society. It's pretty interesting and very detailed. Check it out. It's about 7.19mb, so give it a few minutes to load.

I'd try the FeelMax Niesa. Looks cute for everyday wear also. I would definitely rock those.

I do plan to get a pair of The Invisible Shoe Huaraches. They just look so free and probably the closest thing to actually being barefoot. Or do I want the Lunda Sandals? I just don't know. Or the Unshoes Wokova Sandals? They are all very similar. Anyone have any advice on which to get?

The VFF Bikilas had a pretty good review. But I just got my KSO's, I don't need another pair of VFFs. Funny thing is that I was just messaging a runner who just got a pair. He does run barefoot, but got the Bikilas for trail running, and he loves them.

So read the review and let me know which ones you've tried, or which ones you plan to try. Happy shoe shopping!

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