Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jimmy Freeman Inspires Kids to Run

When I was a kid I loved being outside. I loved riding my bike. Being inside was boring for me. But times sure have changed. With all the video games, smart phones and the Internet, there are less kids enjoying activity outside. They don't move. Their bodies are growing but they are stationary. I have a young son and yes, he does play on a computer from time to time. He plays and watches cartoons on a smart phone as well. But my hubby and I always encourage outdoor activity.

I say....

Let's go to the park.
Let's go on a bike ride.
Wanna go for a walk with me?
Ooooh, let's play with the bubbles.

Anything to get him out of the house and moving. Most times it doesn't take much. I am trying to teach him that there is more to life than sitting in front of the tube. I also teach him to eat healthy and get enough rest. As a parent, it is my responsibility to do so.

I thought that this 100 mile challenge Jimmy spoke to kids about is inspiring. More and more of us should get kids off their butts, and moving.

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