Saturday, July 31, 2010

Barefoot Josh Teaches Barefoot Running

This is the best video I have seen to show how to run barefoot. When I run in my sandals, or practice running barefoot at home, I try to remember all the tips he gives. 


Friday, July 30, 2010

Are You Serious? 5 Whole Minutes?

Actually that sounds pretty darn awesome if you ask me. When I first joined Club Sport I had a personal trainer for 2 weeks. It was actually pretty cool since I never had one before.

He was the first person to teach me the plank. I was in alright shape at the the time so the plank wasn't difficult for me and he was actually impressed how easy I held the position.

But now that I'm out of shape, I really feel it. 30sec is all I can do. But since my problem area is my mid-section, then I need to focus on it. Anyone else up for trying to hold a 5min plank? Steps 17 and 18 I have done in the past and it actually feels pretty good.

Need A Tax Write-Off?

Then sponsor me in MAKING STRIDES Against Breast Cancer.

Many of you know someone who has, or is, battling with breast cancer. Or any form of cancer. It's surrounding you and me. I have relatives who have both survived and lost the battle with this disease.

If everyone I knew just donated $5, and everyone they knew donated $5, and so all adds up. Help me fight it!

One of the reasons why I started running was to get in shape. I have a better chance of not getting cancer if I ate right, and got in shape. Every little bit helps.

Week Four - Day Three (weigh in)

I completed week4. I slowed down the pace so I wouldn't tire out too fast. I think it worked. During the last minute I was able to pump up the speed. Now I know that I could do it.

Used my new water shoes today. Hmm, they were a bit too big so I had to grab a pair of socks. I definitely feel the ground more with them. I worked on my form by telling myself to "lift, lift, lift". Made sure that my arms were swinging straight, front to back instead of wailing around all over the place. Shoulders were loose and I kept facing straight. I'm getting there.

After each run I am tired. I stretch and stretch and sip my water. I feel a bit of soreness on the inner area below the calf of my left leg. It's not bad though. Just kinda tells me that I worked it. But other than that, I feel fine. So fine that I just want to run 2hrs later. I just want to practice and get better. But work gets in the way. Oh well.

I did weigh myself this morning. I figured I'd do it every Friday. I lost a pound. Again, the numbers don't really matter to me. I just do it because I'm curious. I am curious what week5 will bring, but I won't look. I want it to be a surprise.

Have an awesome weekend!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Methods of Running

I'm a newbie to this running thing. This exercise which I used to loathe. I often watch youtube videos and read blogs on form, how to build endurance, what types of shoes to wear, etc.

Interestingly enough that I came across The Pose Method. And just today, Christopher McDougall blogged about it.

I may just give it a try. What could it hurt?

Dr. Nicholas Romanov's Pose Method of Running Dr. Nicholas Romanov's Pose Method of Running

Eat & Read

This is what I have planned for today other than work. Don't forget to exercise your brain also. Read a book, play a crossword puzzle. Or play Words With Friends with me! Username: melygreen

What are your plans?

BTW, the organic soy milk from Costco is a great deal. I believe it comes out to about $1 each.

Early Morning Workout

I tried to sleep in, but my mind was awake. I could've stayed in bed, but figured I'd feel better about myself if I did a quick workout.

I rolled out of bed and did the plank twice. 30sec hold each time.

Moved onto bicep curls. All I have are 10lb weights at home, so they're not very difficult, but better than nothing.
I do a bicep curl, then extend my arm straight up, then back down.
Repeat on the other arm.
Then stretch the arms.

Ended with a few yoga poses and stretches.

Ahhh, felt great.

I have been reading that it's good to incorporate different types of exercises in addition to just running. This way you get to work other muscles in your body. Just 15min to 30min in the mornings can really make a difference.
Try it!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Running Shoes!

I found these shoes by accident. I was heading to work and really had to use the potty. Was it the Vitamin Water this morning? Or was it all the water I drank last night and this morning. Not sure.

I stopped at a CVS and while heading to the bathroom I noticed some water shoes on display. I actually need a new pair, as you noticed in the pic of my Week1 Day3 run. These puppies were $7.99 and with a CVS rewards card I got them for $6.54 out the door! Right on! Score!

What do you think of my new Aqua Socks? (that's what it says on the top) I'm gonna rock them on my next run. I can't wait!


I just thought I'd share my breakfast for today. It's pretty typical and I have some variation of it often.

You see, I love eggs. Lately it's been scrambled eggs and egg whites with something mixed in. Today was ham and cheese. And I always pair it with a fruit. Usually blueberries as you see in the picture. It's also important that I eat using a dessert plate to maintain my portion control.

Portion control is really helping me lose some weight. Try it!

Week Four - Day Two (half way!)

In my wk4 day1 log I mentioned trying shoes during this run. I really was going to, but I didn't. I ran in my sandals again. I ran barefoot last night in the house. We have tile and pergo downstairs. The floor feels great on bare feet. This little activity convinced me to continue wearing my sandals for the runs.

I jogged in place a bit to get warmed up, then stretched some. Today I decided to run at a much slower pace. I think I was putting too much effort into running faster that I tired by the last run. So I started off slow. And it was really slow. But as I continued running it felt better to start off slow. I was watching running videos on youtube and one tip mentioned was to run so you can hold a conversation. So that's what I did today. Yes, sometimes I do talk to myself.

I really can't believe that I'm getting through a 3min run easier than I did before. The first 5min was doable. Tough, but doable. During the second 3min run I kept talking to myself. With each lift of the foot I kept saying the word "form" in my head.

And then there was the last 5min run. OK, let's do this. I started off at my slow pace of the day. And then I pushed it on what seemed to be the last 30sec. I did it! Yes!

This run is literally the half way mark in this 9 week program. I have made it this far. Yes! After the first week's runs I noticed that my calves were firming up. Now I noticed that my calves are getting bigger. This isn't the best picture, but good enough for display.

I also noticed that area right above my knee is starting to slim and firm. Wow! I can't believe all this is happening in just 4 weeks. Really remarkable for me since I've been "chunky" most of my adult life. This is what keeps me doing the program. I still have a long way to go, but this is a really good start.

I am ready for day3 of this week's run. Bring it on!

Monday, July 26, 2010

My Quads

.... ache! Oh yes, they do. I am using my elbows to massage them. Wow. I thought those 5min runs really did them in and I've only begun Week4. But I think it's due to squatting while sealing tile yesterday. I'll continue to squat to stretch them and also massage them. I hope they'll be ready for the next run in a day.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

No Vibrams For Me

This weekend I headed to Dom's Outdoor Outfitters in Livermore to try on a pair of vibram five fingers. I wasn't sure what size I was, so I asked to be fitted. I put them on, which wasn't too difficult as some have mentioned. They were SO comfortable. OMG, I SO want a pair now. But I'd have to save up the $85 plus tax for my KSO's.

The clerk was nice and informed me that I could call in and order them. He said that they go fast when they get a shipment in. Not many stores carry them, so he mentioned that some customers drove in from Redding to get a pair. That's a good 3-hour drive. 

I now know what size I wear, and where to get them. I just need to save up the money for them. I was sad to leave Dom's without my KSO's :(

Week Four - Day One

I was good and didn't look ahead to see what this week had in store for me. But before I could start this morning I hit a roadblock, which I think kinda leaked into my run. I didn't have podcast4 on my phone. I had to turn on the PC and get iTunes up and running. It took forever since I'm not very iTunes savvy. For some reason it did not want to add podcast4. I was starting to get discouraged about my run as it was getting late. I was able to download it through my phone and I was on my way.

Robert started with an intro about this week's run. Whoa! 3min run, 90sec walk, 5min run (YIKES!), 2.5min walk. Repeat. OK, I did it. The 5min run killed me. By the second 5min run, I was scared that I was going to stop. I had a hard time lifting my legs and feet. I just couldn't keep form. Is this even called a run? Is this even a jog? I didn't stop and I pushed through as he mentions in the podcast. Boy did that hurt.

I stretched for a while. Even massaged the one spot where it felt a bit sore and tight. The jump from a 3min run to a 5min run was too much for me. But I will continue. I must continue. I am wondering what I need to do in order to get past this. Maybe I need to watch youtube videos about form again. Maybe I'll try shoes for the Day2 of this week's run. I'll let you know.

Friday, July 23, 2010

None For Me

I did it! I resisted a slice of Costco pizza. And if you know me, you know me likes that pizza.

You know how it is when you go there. The lines are always long, so you treat yourself to a slice of pizza, hotdog, polish dog, churro or a smoothie. Well I didn't get any of them.

I just finished week three of the c25k program, so I didn't want to sabatoge my work. This only makes me stronger!

Week Three - Day Three (and weigh in)

(Sigh) I completed the third week of this program today. Wow! Still draggin butt on that last 3min run. I was trying to keep form as much as possible; straighten the back, lifting the feet, staying loose. I think I need to watch the videos on youtube again to remind myself of the form. I wish I could just practice the form, but work gets in the way.

Should I even peek at what the fourth week is going to bring, or should it be a surprise?

I weighed myself today. Lost 3lbs this week. Not too bad. But again, I just go by how my clothes fit and not by pounds lost.

This program makes me feel great. I listen to my body more now. Fast food makes my tummy ache so I don't eat it. And I find myself not eating as much as I used to. Yay!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Week Three - Day Two

I thought this second day would be a little easier, but it wasn't. I was still draggin butt on the last 3min run. But I think I may have been pushing it too much on the first 3min run. Or maybe I should have gone to bed earlier than I did. I think a full 8 hours of sleep would have helped. But I did it. Phew.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Ick Ick Ick - Chocolate Mocha Fiber One Bar

ICK! Total thumbs down from me. Ew, I need to brush my teeth now. I love chocolate and I love mocha, but this combo in a Fiber One Bar just about made me gag. No bueno.

I have an unopened box, and another full box (minus one). Any takers?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Week Three - Day One

Woke up at 4:45am to make do to this run this morning. I was already a bit sore. Let me rewind....

Yesterday I helped my hubby work on my grandparents' second bathroom. We had already worked on their master bathroom last year, so it was time to update the guest bathroom. I was on my knees, standing up, and squatting back down constantly due to laying tile. It sure took a toll on some muscles that I don't use often. Needless to say, I was sore. I stretched and massaged my legs before going to bed last night in hopes that it would help.

So today, I go for my run. It's the beginning of week three. 90sec run, then 90sec walk. Then a 3min run (whoa nelly!) and a 3min walk. Repeat. Wow, did I really just run 3min straight, TWICE??? On the second 3min walk I was draggin butt on the last part of it. I hope to do better on the next run.

But I didn't stop there. You see, I had already signed up to do the AIDS Walk in San Francisco with my sister today. I was a bit sore, but it did feel good to complete this 6.2 mile walk around Golden Gate Park. Towards the end of the walk I was really feeling the aches and pains in my inner thigh and back. Aches and pains from laying tile. I've stretched a couple of times after the walk, but it's going to take some time for it to pass.

Day 2 for week 3 is scheduled on Wednesday, so I have 2 days to recuperate from this weekend's activities.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Week Two - Day Three (Weighed Myself)

I don't ever really weigh myself. I go by how my clothes fit. And in the two weeks I've started this program, I've noticed the tops and pants fitting just a tiny bit better. That's my motivation.

I decided to weigh myself tonight. And whad'ja know? I lost 2lbs. Not too shabby. Maybe I'll weigh myself on the last day of the week's runs.

Another Reason To Eat Fresh Fruits

Prepackaged food. We all buy them. It's the norm for us to buy them. We don't think twice about eating fruit from a can. But when you really think about it, what keeps the fruit from spoiling? A-ha! Now you're thinking about it. Hey, I'm guilty of buying prepackaged food also. But I do try to limit it.

Concerning fruit juice and canned fruit, a study has been released regarding the large amounts of lead found in them. Even in organic juices. Read the list.

Week Two - Day Three

I completed the 2nd week, yay! It definitely pushed me. But lack of sleep this week did not help at all. This week consisted of six 90sec runs with 2min of brisk walking in between each run.

The first and second runs were alright. I started to get tired and felt like I lost form on the third and 4th runs. Towards the end of the 5th run, I just had this burst of energy and form was better. And then on my 6th run, I was going faster and felt great. I am not sure if it was because I knew I was almost done, or maybe I just slump in the middle. But that burst of energy was GREAT!

I took about a 8min walk at the end opposed to the 5min walk. Then stretched for a while. I had time and should've worked on my arms, but was reading this article regarding a breakthrough on cancer research!

Looking forward to week 3.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Week Two - Day Two

Wow, another tough one. I tell ya, those extra 30sec per run makes a huge difference, but I did it! Part of me is thinking to re-do this week, but we'll see how I feel on Friday's run.

On the second run I was going faster and I think that's what took a lot of my energy. I need to keep a steady pace and work on speed later. Keep working on my form.

Using Ullrey's podcasts, I forget that he is not a barefoot runner, nor does he wear minimalist shoes. Right before the 2nd run he mentions landing on the heel and not on the toes, and all I could think of was OUCH! I don't land on either.

Until Friday.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Week Two - Day One

Yesterday was my first run of week 2. Wow, those extra 30 seconds per run really made a difference. But then again, that's the awesomeness of this program. You increase the duration of the runs gradually.

I am really enjoying Ullrey's podcasts. I should email and tell him that. It's like having a couch running with you, and telling you what to do. I'm the sort of person that requires that.

I ran in my sandals again. Felt good. As I read deeper into Christopher McDougall's book, Born to Run, I realized that Caballo Blanco wears his Teva's when he runs. Right now, no need for me to go completely barefoot. Although I'd still love a pair of KSO's.

After my run we headed to Lake Don Pedro for some boating and swimming. I haven't been in a pool in over a decade since we enjoy lakes. Since we do a lot of floating, we usually have life jackets on. I took mine off and wow, I forgot how labor intensive swimming is. I need to work on that.

I guess you can say that I had quite a workout yesterday.

Friday, July 9, 2010

An Easy and Healthy Salad

Yup, that's my lunch for today. Carribean marinated chicken breast on top of baby spinach and mixed greens. Simple and delish. You can add cherry tomatoes if you wish. Simple and delish.

Don't forget to drink lots of water.

No Vibrams at the Good Feet store

I went to the website where Vibrams are sold. Good Feet in Pleasant Hill is supposed to be a retailer, but they did not even have one pair on display. And to top it all off, no one came out from the back room to help me. This store FAILED and I won't be going back. I guess I can yelp them.

I thought about going to REI, but my lunch break was coming to a close.

Week One - Day Three

I have completed the first week of this program. YAY! I feel alright.
After the first run, I really felt it in my right calf. Apparently that must be my dominant leg. But after that hump I don't seem to have an issue.

This morning I woke up around 5am. I used my worn out water shoes for this run. Yeah, that didn't work so well. The weird pattern on the inner sole hurt the balls of my feet.

When I did my 5min walk at the end I decided to go barefoot. Since most sprinklers in my neighborhood were on during my run this morning, I made foot prints all over the place.

Back to my sandals which by far have felt the best on my feet. But only until I get my KSO's! I can't wait to rock those babies.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Size Does Matter

Yes, it does. The last time I went to IKEA I bought these plastic bowls. I can cup the bottom of them in my hand. They're a nice size for snacks. Eating food out of a bag doesn't seem to work for me since I lose sight of portion control. Portion control is so important when eating any meal. I even started using a dessert plate or cereal bowl to eat my food.

For my snack this morning I mixed some pistachios, slivered almonds, sunflower seeds and banana chips in the bowl. (sorry for the blurry image)
This was good enough to satisfy my hunger between breakfast and lunch.
A good tip is to mix nuts and fruit. Next time I plan to get some dried cranberries and add it to my mix. Trader Joe's makes this all too simple for me.

Also, drink lots of water since you may not be hungry, but just thirsty. I always have water close by.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

c25k Week One - Day Two

Second run today. Got up at 5:05am. Ran in place a little to get warmed up in order to stretch. It was nice and cool outside. The sun was not up yet, and most people were still asleep.

I decided to wear shoes today to see how it felt.

Typically they are really comfy, but it was really hard to keep form in them. I kinda felt like I was going to trip over my feet. They weigh much more which didn't help. It felt really good to take them off after the run. I think I'll try my water shoes on the next run.

The run was good. I felt good. I stretched a lot afterwards.

Monday, July 5, 2010

c25k Week One - Day One

Alright, today was my first run. I got up around 6am and went for my run. It was cooler and the sun was not completely up yet. Perfect. I just ran around my neighborhood. It's so nice and quiet this early in the morning.

I wore my sandals and brought a bottled water with me. I started off with my brisk 5min walk. Well I am still working on my technique for walking barefoot. I hope to improve in a couple of weeks. Plus, I'm going to finally start reading Chris McDougall's Born To Run. The first couple of 60sec runs were fine, but I started to really feel my calves tighten. Towards the end, I was really feeling it on my feet. It wasn't bad, but a bit sore. Stretching felt awesome! 

To top it all off I just went kayaking on Saturday. Did this run today, and then went kayaking with the fam. I did a whole body workout today. I wonder how I'll feel tomorrow.

Preppring For c25k

When I decided to start this program I wondered how I was going to time my runs. I don't have a treadmill at home. I don't have time to do it at work because I don't want to drag all my shower items to work with me. Hmmm, how was I going to do this?

I decided to do my runs on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday. On the c25k site there is a link for Robert Ullrey's c25k Podcasts . He plays energizing music without words. Well except for him speaking and telling you when to slow down and start running again.

I bought a belkin holder for my iPhone. It wraps around my arm. I also bought a good pair of headphones and hang over my ears. I am using a lanyard that I got for a buck at Six Flags to clip my keys to. $31 invested and now I'm good to go. 

Learn To Run With c25k

What? You don't know about c25k? c25k is short for Couch to 5k. Basically it teaches you to go from couch sitting to running a 5k in 9 weeks! I know, you're probably skeptical. But when you read about the program it will all make sense.

You see, I have this coworker who told me about this program. He started losing weight counting food points via the Weight Watcher's point program. Then he started the c25k program. I used the gym at work during lunch a few times and he was performing exercises from the program. Now he's lost a lot of weight and has done three 5k runs. Shhhh, I think he's addicted ;P....and he does it all barefoot. Yup!

Running barefoot (or using huaraches, or vibramfivefingers) reduces the impact on your joints and has many other positives. I hope to get a pair of KSO vibramfivefingers, but until then my sandals will have to do.

33% - fresh fruit and veggies

Tis the season. About 33% of our $100 weekly grocery budget is spent on fruit and veggies. I love buying fresh food for my family. I am teaching my son about healthy eating and I am glad that he doesn't really know any better.
How much fruit and veggies are you eating?

Friday, July 2, 2010

Mckey D's makes my tummy VERY unhappy

Dan told Brent that if he was a good boy at preschool, then he would be rewarded with a McDonald's dinner. I really try not to feed him junk food, but this was a one time deal. (I hope.) Plus the hubby takes him there often, ugh.
Brent was good. Miss Brandy told Dan that he was good. So a promise is a promise, a deal is a deal, and we went to Mickey D's when I got home. I normally get chicken nuggets, but got the Big Mac which really isn't so big anymore. After finishing it, my lower part of my stomach started to cramp. WTH??? This has happened before right after eating McDonald's, so I really need to start listening to my body. That sh*t is bad for you and me.
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