Friday, July 23, 2010

Week Three - Day Three (and weigh in)

(Sigh) I completed the third week of this program today. Wow! Still draggin butt on that last 3min run. I was trying to keep form as much as possible; straighten the back, lifting the feet, staying loose. I think I need to watch the videos on youtube again to remind myself of the form. I wish I could just practice the form, but work gets in the way.

Should I even peek at what the fourth week is going to bring, or should it be a surprise?

I weighed myself today. Lost 3lbs this week. Not too bad. But again, I just go by how my clothes fit and not by pounds lost.

This program makes me feel great. I listen to my body more now. Fast food makes my tummy ache so I don't eat it. And I find myself not eating as much as I used to. Yay!

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