Monday, July 5, 2010

Learn To Run With c25k

What? You don't know about c25k? c25k is short for Couch to 5k. Basically it teaches you to go from couch sitting to running a 5k in 9 weeks! I know, you're probably skeptical. But when you read about the program it will all make sense.

You see, I have this coworker who told me about this program. He started losing weight counting food points via the Weight Watcher's point program. Then he started the c25k program. I used the gym at work during lunch a few times and he was performing exercises from the program. Now he's lost a lot of weight and has done three 5k runs. Shhhh, I think he's addicted ;P....and he does it all barefoot. Yup!

Running barefoot (or using huaraches, or vibramfivefingers) reduces the impact on your joints and has many other positives. I hope to get a pair of KSO vibramfivefingers, but until then my sandals will have to do.

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