Sunday, July 25, 2010

Week Four - Day One

I was good and didn't look ahead to see what this week had in store for me. But before I could start this morning I hit a roadblock, which I think kinda leaked into my run. I didn't have podcast4 on my phone. I had to turn on the PC and get iTunes up and running. It took forever since I'm not very iTunes savvy. For some reason it did not want to add podcast4. I was starting to get discouraged about my run as it was getting late. I was able to download it through my phone and I was on my way.

Robert started with an intro about this week's run. Whoa! 3min run, 90sec walk, 5min run (YIKES!), 2.5min walk. Repeat. OK, I did it. The 5min run killed me. By the second 5min run, I was scared that I was going to stop. I had a hard time lifting my legs and feet. I just couldn't keep form. Is this even called a run? Is this even a jog? I didn't stop and I pushed through as he mentions in the podcast. Boy did that hurt.

I stretched for a while. Even massaged the one spot where it felt a bit sore and tight. The jump from a 3min run to a 5min run was too much for me. But I will continue. I must continue. I am wondering what I need to do in order to get past this. Maybe I need to watch youtube videos about form again. Maybe I'll try shoes for the Day2 of this week's run. I'll let you know.

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