Friday, February 11, 2011

This Week Sucked

I guess we all get into funks every now and then. Apparently this week it was my turn. I started doing #365workout on November 11th last year. Other than one day, due to being sick, I performed some sort of activity. I often run 3 times a week, cross train the other 3 days a week, and have a play day doing any sort of activity I want once a week. Well this week just SUCKED.

Sunday - I did nothing. I was too busy taking care of stuff and paper work. I slept in because I was just exhausted.

Monday - Ok, let's get into the groove and workout. I started week 4 of the original Turbulence Training workout.

Tuesday - Um yeah, I didn't get a chance to workout at all. I had to start my day super early and was too tired to get up any earlier. Come night time, I'm exhausted from my commute, work, and chores to fit in a workout.

Wednesday, Thursday, and today - The pattern just continued. wth?

One night during the week my body felt stiff. I asked the hubby for a massage and he asked why since I didn't even workout that day. And maybe that's the problem. My body has gotten used to doing some sort of activity daily that maybe it just gets stiff without use. Again, my body speaks to me.

So yeah, this week totally sucked for workouts. I'm hoping to go for a run tomorrow, but I already have an appointment early in the morning. Maybe start fresh on Sunday? (Sheesh, I'm already making excuses. Man, once you fall off the wagon, it's hard to get back on.) 

If I don't, please feel free to yell at me so I can get my butt back into gear.


  1. I feel the same way, Sis. I can't wait to hit the gym tomorrow and Sunday. Thinking about joining In-Shape since it's so close to my house. Gotta work out the $ situation first tho.

  2. Just wondering where this funk came from.

  3. Indeed your body speaks to you. I feel the same way too a couple of ears back when I started exercising and lost my routine for while. I was very surprised to find my body stiff because of "inactivity". But, it really is true. I tried sleeping marathons when i was in college and not only did my eyes hurt, my limbs were aching too and I felt so lifeless.

    Hope you'll won't suck and get back on your routine soon.


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