Thursday, February 24, 2011

Longing To Run Barefoot

I ran barefoot on the treadmill today. It's been a while since I've done so. Whether outside or on the treadmill, I've been wearing my Vibrams. Well it's been cold as heck outside. Not to mention icky and rainy. 

After running on the treadmill, I've noticed later in the day that my feet had a tiny tingling sensation. It lasted a good part of the morning. It made me aware that I really need to do more barefoot running. We have laminate, tile and hardwood floors in the house and that gets pretty cold to walk on. I can stand it to a point, but often wear shoes to keep the footsies warm.

I miss the sun. 
I miss the feeling of warm concrete and asphalt under my feet. 
I miss having the option to run outside with naked feet. 

I think I miss it more because I just learned an old neighbor who moved away recently, runs barefoot. He came by to visit this past weekend. Not only does he run barefoot, but his teenage son does as well. The sun came out for a bit on Monday. He and his son raced barefoot down the street. And they were haulin' some major arse. Then his little 4 year old wanted to race too. He ripped off his shoes and raced his old man. I just kept thinking how perfect the little boy's form was, still having young feet that haven't been tampered much with crappy shoes. Man, I wish I would've known about their barefootedness earlier.

Ya see? You just never know what you'll learn about people.

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