Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Missing Workout Revealed

Today was a day full of joy and learning. I met up with a good friend for breakfast. She has a very demanding job so it's really difficult for us to get together. Sadly our visits are too few and far between, but always enjoyable. Since I haven't seen her in a while due to working crazy hours, she doesn't have time to read my blog, let alone respond to emails. It's hard on a friendship, but we make do with what we have. I finally saw her smiling face sitting at a booth, so I walked on over. And then it happened.

Highlight #1

Friend: "Did you lose some weight?"

Me: "Can you really tell? I see myself everyday and am not sure what others see."

Friend: "Yes, you look slimmer." (motioning with her hands)

I was extremely delighted when she noticed the fruits of my labor. It was a true and genuine compliment which made my day. I mean, someone could have said anything rude to me today and I would have brushed it off because of this very compliment.

This compliment couldn't have come at a better time. Here I am disappointed because I can't run due to stubbing my toe. And then today I was not able to ride my bike due to the rain. I guess you can say I was in a funk. But the simple words from a dear friend made it all better. It felt like my mom was kissing my boo-boo after a fall.

We caught up during our yummie breakfast at Country Waffles. The California Omelet is my favorite. When we finished our meal I accompanied her to her church. I am a saved Christian, but have not found a church in my area where I felt comfortable. Nothing has called out to me. Sadly I have drifted away from His word. The guilt began to set in as I walked into church. We sat, and the service started.

I enjoyed the simplicity of the church. I'm not a huge fan of mega-churches, and this definitely was not one. The congregation was small, people wore casual clothing, and the pastor was FUNNY! It was actually easy to pay attention to his sermon since he was full of energy. He didn't just stand there like many other pastors or priests I've witnessed. Having been to many different churches, this was actually one of the best. I felt comfortable there, and it was a pleasant experience. 

Highlight #2
As I sat there listening to the pastor, it dawned on me. I am on this journey to a healthier me. 

(1) I'm eating healthier and watching my portion control which takes care of my internal organs and assists muscles. 
(2) I'm staying active by running and cross training which takes care of my muscles and helps organs do what they need to do. 

But there is another part of me that I'm not taking care of - my soul, my spirituality. I have been so busy taking care of other aspects in my life that I have neglected His word. I guess you can say that I fit it in when I have the time. I need to make the time, but I have lost sight of that. I about teared as I made that revelation since the guilt sunk in even deeper. It's not going to be an overnight transition to include more of this workout into my already active life, but it's important for me and will be done.

Who knew that having breakfast with a friend would make me feel this good, and help reveal what was missing in my life? 
Her beauty not only resides on the outside, but more importantly, on the inside - her heart and soul. Which, in my eyes, makes her a true angel.

Thank you dear friend.

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