Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Yes, This Is Still A Running Blog

I know I haven't been posting my runs lately. Well if you've been reading, that's because I haven't been running at all. It's been over a week since my last (and very short) run. It's annoying and I REALLY miss it. I'll have to start off slowly once again, but I think come after Thanksgiving I'll be able to start.

Current status of my foot is that it's better, but not in running condition. For some reason I have some TOFP on the same foot. The toe no longer seems to be an issue, but now TOFP. Gosh, will this never end? I know Lindsay Knake knows what I'm feeling. Hey, it's happens. I really think it's some delayed onset from running on it that Saturday. I was trying to land on different parts of my foot in order to keep running.

Right now I feel a little squishiness on top here, so something is a bit irritated and swollen. Similar to the feeling I got when I had TOFP on my right foot a couple of months ago. So all I can do is wait it out.

I have been trying to keep my legs in shape by biking outside and using the recumbent bike at home. I keep my foot muscles strong by walking barefoot inside the house, and picking stuff up with my toes. To remain active I am doing cross training. Hopefully all of this will make my transition back to running smooth.

But what's disappointing is that it looks like I won't be able to run my last 5k of the year. It would have been a fun one too. A Turkey Trot. I was even going to dress up.

Has anyone had to miss a race due to an injury? Please share because I'm feeling pretty down about ending my racing calendar this year by not showing up to a race.


  1. Hi. :)

    I'm kelsey, and I found your blog through the guest post you wrote on AbbyNormally a few weeks (months??) ago. I'm a c25k graduate TOO!

    I'm so sorry that you're injured! I'm just getting close to getting on the road again, after almost a year off running. I got BAD plantar fasciitis in both feet in Late november last year, and recovery took about 6 months, (then life took over, and I did other fitnessy things and so now, it's been a year...) ANYWAY,

    I missed out on a half marathon (the first one I was to attempt) due to my injury and it SUCKED. Really, really sucked.

    So, I know how you feel, and wish you the speediest of recoveries. :)

    Forgive my long winded comment... I try to keep my ramblings on my own blog, but I couldn't resist a comment! Great to "meet" you! :D

  2. Hi Kelsey!

    So good to "meet" another c25k graduate. Completing that program was one of the best things I've done for myself. Who knew running was actually fun and addicting? Now I understand why people do it. (insert light bulb here)

    Wow, no running for a year? Yes, life does happen. But we'll both be relieved once we can run again. At least you've stayed active and stayed off the couch. That's what I'm doing right now.

    Abby's blog is fun. I enjoy reading it. Keep in touch!


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