Thursday, November 11, 2010

Splint, Cross Training and Veteran's Day

Last Night
As soon as I got home I took off my shoes as usual. I was feeling a bit warm so I changed into some shorts and a tank top and walked around barefoot. Mind you, we have pergo and tile at home. My hubby thought I was crazy walking barefoot and dressed in summer clothes since it was cold. It was cold, but it felt great for me.

While at work I continued to prop my leg up. I even massaged my foot using my itty bitty basketball which is the size of a golf ball. I was hoping that the cushioning from my shoes would help, but as I walked around barefoot it felt SO much better than walking in shoes. Darn, did I screw up this healing process? I searched online and found a couple of videos stating that the foot/toes should stay flat. And well, walking barefoot at home, my feet do stay pretty flat.

I found another video of woman who broke her pinky toe hitting it against the bricks surrounding her fireplace. She said there is no need to go see a doctor since they won't do anything anyway. Maybe prescribe some drug for pain, which I personally hate. So she just taped her pinky toe to the toe next to it and just let it heal on its own. Other articles mentioned the same method.

Well my toe isn't broken.
  • I can move and wiggle it.
  • I can pick things up with my toes.
  • And I've felt it and nothing seems out of place.
I think it's still bruised. So I figured I'd try the taping to the next toe and see how that works today. So here it is, taped up with a cardboard splint underneath. Hey, I figured I'd try anything at this point.

This Morning
I woke up early, at 5am. I got on our recumbent bike, picked a workout and did it. I biked 3.5miles. Yesterday I read on John Romaniello's blog that using a recumbent bike can help firm up the glutes. Sweet! I'll let you know if it works for me.

Then I did the last intro phase Turbulence Training workout. Again I incorporated a tip from John Romaniello's blog. He said that during squats, go WIDER. Spread the legs wider. Makes sense, so I did just that while doing prisoner squats. Oh yeah, now I'm psyched to start on the beginner workout this weekend.

And lastly, Happy Veteran's Day! Please take a moment and thank those who have served, or are currently serving. On my mother's side, someone is/was enlisted in every branch of the military except for the Coast Guard. That was complete when I married Dan, as his brother, and his brother's wife have served for 20 years now. And their kids are also in the service. On my father's side, my uncle has served and currently my cousin is serving. I thank them all.


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