Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Trader Joe's Kettle Corn and Spiced Cider - Me Likey

I do about 95% of my shopping at Trader Joe's. It's the closest health food grocer in my area, and I still drive a good 8 miles each way. But it's worth it to me. I have my staples that I buy there each week, but if you suggest I try something then I'm up for it. Bring it on!

Earlier this week Di over at The Treadmill Diaries mentioned the Trader Joe's Spiced Cider. I've seen it all the time since I always grab their Cranberry Apple juice. And as you read in the comments, I said I'd give it a whirl. Well last week the boys came grocery shopping with me. (it's a rare event as they both grab items and toss them in the cart) Hubby actually picked up the Spiced Cider. Later that night we tried it.

Son: mmmm, this tastes like apples.
Hubby: It's good.
Me: It tastes like apple pie.

And with that said, I think we found a winner. Although it does not have any added sugar, it is quite sweet so I can't drink too much in one sitting. Yes, I'm one of those people that dilute my juice. What?! I love my water and don't require a lot of flavor in my drinks. Well, smoothies are a different story.

As I'm always looking to mix up our snacks, I finally decided to grab a 6 pack of Lite Kettle Corn. Me and my son LOVE kettle corn. Not the best snack, but it tastes super delish. I pack our lunches because it's cheaper and healthier. I opened up a bag for snack today. And let me tell you, this stuff was YUMM-O! It tasted just as good as the bags sold at carnivals. And at about 50 cents a bag, you can't go wrong.
Ding Ding Ding - we have another winner! 


  1. DUDE! I wish we had a TJ's close by. It's like 30-40 min. each way. Boo.

  2. Oh no. That is my work commute distance. There's one by my work too. What health grocer(s) do you have in your area Kerrie?


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