Monday, December 27, 2010

My Feet Tell Me What Shoes They Like

As I mentioned before, I've always enjoyed walking around barefoot at home. But I would also wear all sorts of different shoes and sandals outside. Some with more cushion than others. Like most people, I really didn't know that less cushion is better for your feet. Many would still disagree with this, but I'm not here to convince you - just to inform you of what I've learned.

It's been about 3 months since I began re-training my foot muscles. When I started the c25k program I knew I didn't want to wear running shoes and it really worked out for me. It was not until I got my Vibrams when I really started to think about minimalist shoes and going barefoot. Since then I've noticed quite a change on which type of footwear my feet prefer. It's as if my feet are talking to me.

If I'm not walking barefoot in the house or outside, then I wear shoes that have thin soles. My favorite pair to wear now are my old Airwalks. They look exactly like chucks, but they're by Airwalk. 

Earlier this month I had to get gussied up to attend my brother in law's graduation. It was a pretty formal event, so I had to wear fancy shoes to go with my dress. It had about a 1.5 - 2 inch heel and my feet were screaming. The toes were getting squished. I couldn't wait to get to the table so I could take the shoes off. We had to stand up and sit down throughout the night's ceremony. And of course each time I had to leave the table I had to put my shoes back on. There was a time when my foot wouldn't slip into the shoe anymore. It's as if it told me that it had had it with those darn shoes. Just look at them!
 my poor toes were cramped, sorry guys
 I feel pain just looking at this heel

I had to force it in. As soon as we got to our hotel at the end of the night, I kicked those darn shoes off and walked around barefoot. My feet thanked me. So yeah, I'm still no Carrie Bradshaw.

The other day I dressed up all in white to participate in my company's Spirit Week. I have a pair of white Easy Spirits that went well with my attire. Unfortunately my foot, the one that had the injured toe, did not like that shoe at all. I'd step a certain way or what not, and it would ache. I felt it several times that day. I couldn't wait to go home to take off my shoes. The next few days I wore my Airwalks and my foot was fine.
my easy spirits

I looked at my inventory of shoes and realized that my feet are only happy wearing 4 particular pairs of shoes.

My Vibram KSO's. My toe shoes. My monkey feet shoes. Whatever you want to call them, they are comfortable.

My Airwalks.

My sandals.

And these Cayden Sport Casual shoes by Predictions. They have quite a thin sole and my feet love 'em. Hop over to your Payless Shoe Source and try them on.

So I think it's time for me to donate my other shoes and get more chucks/Airwalks and Predictions shoes. See you at Payless Shoe Source.

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