Monday, July 5, 2010

c25k Week One - Day One

Alright, today was my first run. I got up around 6am and went for my run. It was cooler and the sun was not completely up yet. Perfect. I just ran around my neighborhood. It's so nice and quiet this early in the morning.

I wore my sandals and brought a bottled water with me. I started off with my brisk 5min walk. Well I am still working on my technique for walking barefoot. I hope to improve in a couple of weeks. Plus, I'm going to finally start reading Chris McDougall's Born To Run. The first couple of 60sec runs were fine, but I started to really feel my calves tighten. Towards the end, I was really feeling it on my feet. It wasn't bad, but a bit sore. Stretching felt awesome! 

To top it all off I just went kayaking on Saturday. Did this run today, and then went kayaking with the fam. I did a whole body workout today. I wonder how I'll feel tomorrow.

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