Sunday, July 25, 2010

No Vibrams For Me

This weekend I headed to Dom's Outdoor Outfitters in Livermore to try on a pair of vibram five fingers. I wasn't sure what size I was, so I asked to be fitted. I put them on, which wasn't too difficult as some have mentioned. They were SO comfortable. OMG, I SO want a pair now. But I'd have to save up the $85 plus tax for my KSO's.

The clerk was nice and informed me that I could call in and order them. He said that they go fast when they get a shipment in. Not many stores carry them, so he mentioned that some customers drove in from Redding to get a pair. That's a good 3-hour drive. 

I now know what size I wear, and where to get them. I just need to save up the money for them. I was sad to leave Dom's without my KSO's :(


  1. Now that you know your size, you can just order them online actually. There is also the Bikila, which is specifically for running. If you really like your running in sandals, and you like the open feeling (like me) the "Luna Sandals" are getting great reviews right now.

  2. Oh yes. Barefoot Ted. I was kinda eyeing those also.


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