Thursday, July 29, 2010

Early Morning Workout

I tried to sleep in, but my mind was awake. I could've stayed in bed, but figured I'd feel better about myself if I did a quick workout.

I rolled out of bed and did the plank twice. 30sec hold each time.

Moved onto bicep curls. All I have are 10lb weights at home, so they're not very difficult, but better than nothing.
I do a bicep curl, then extend my arm straight up, then back down.
Repeat on the other arm.
Then stretch the arms.

Ended with a few yoga poses and stretches.

Ahhh, felt great.

I have been reading that it's good to incorporate different types of exercises in addition to just running. This way you get to work other muscles in your body. Just 15min to 30min in the mornings can really make a difference.
Try it!

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