Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Perfect 5k Route

Last month I told you that I had planned to go running with my Vibram buddy Sherry. Well yesterday we met up. It was cool because another friend joined us. Kimmy brought her daughter Kally, so she was pushing a jogging stroller. That definitely created some resistance. Sherry wore her injini socks in her KSO's since it was quite cold.

We went for a jog/walk around Lake Merritt. The lake is 3 miles around. It's the perfect place to practice for a 5k race. But because of it's perfect 3 mile route, they hold many races there as well. Check out the East Bay's oldest running club for more info. There were SO many other runners there toughing out the cold, and boy was it cold. I've never been all the way around the lake, but now I know why people enjoy running there. It's so nice there. It's mostly flat, with a couple of tiny slopes depending on which path you take. There are 2 different types of terrain; gravel and paved. That was pretty cool since I've never ran on anything except for asphalt and the treadmill. The scenery was nice too. Of course you have the lake, lots of grass, birds, play structures for kids and more. Unfortunately I don't live close enough to run around the lake often.

Afterwards we headed nearby to grub on some yum yum dim sum. It was a pretty nice low carb meal paired with some tea. Yeah, we definitely needed to warm up. The run around the lake was my second workout of the day, since I started off with cross training in the morning. I didn't feel too guilty eating out for lunch yesterday.

Have you gone for a run around Lake Merritt before?
What did you think of it?


  1. nope not yet but sounds like an awesome route =)

  2. Nope, but I did shoot a commercial there. It is beautiful. My good buddy, Kristian, works at Lake Chalet.

  3. @Julie - yes, I hope to run it again soon. Guess that means more friend time and more dim sum lol.

    @Bern - It was nice to go all the way around the lake. So much to look at and full of runners. Oh yeah, I forgot he left City Beach.

  4. thanks for the comment on my blog! We actually don't live too far from each other, I'm over in Antioch. Nice to meet you!

  5. @Amanda - Howdy. I think I found your blog through the BFS. It's nice to 'meet' another Vibram/BF runner. I can't wait until I reach your mileage. It sucks starting all over, but it's coming along.


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