Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Vibram Buddy

Status On My Foot
So it's been a week since I started walking on the treadmill. I'd push it a bit doing a faster walk with a form that's similar to how I run. I actually jogged for a few minutes this last go round. The foot itself feels fine, but the toe feels a tab bit weird as I lift it off the ground (treadmill). Still has a bit of soreness which is frustrating. But still, I'm walking barefoot as much as possible and doing barefoot activities to keep my foot muscles strong. While in the parking garage in my Airwalks, or even barefoot at home, I'll do a bit of sprint here and there. My body is still aching to run. I'll continue to walk on the treadmill and evaluate the foot again this week. Stay tuned!

Vibram Buddies!
Next month, I plan to visit my good friend Sherry who has returned to running thanks to her new Vibrams. She stopped running because she was experiencing all those awful aches and pains that shod runners face. To stay active she would walk. But walking was boring for her, and she would end up running. And of course, the cycle continues and she would be in pain again. Sherry started doing more hikes locally and during her travels abroad.

I am hoping that during my visit, our Vibrams can meet. LOL Do you have a Vibram buddy? I am hoping to go for a run with her. That is yet to be determined. Stay tuned!

My First Race Next Year?
I haven't really thought about next year's races. I have been reading that many are getting excited and signing up for them. But with somewhat of a bum toe, I didn't want to depress myself. There are several races around Lake Merritt, and I asked Sherry if she wanted to one of the 5k's with me. She gladly agreed, and that's the only race I've really thought about so far.

It will be fun to run with a friend. I won't be going for PR, but for fun. I've never ran with anyone before. I do all my runs solo. I think it's because I'm slow. That's one reason why I haven't checked into any running groups in my area. Heck, I have no idea if I'd be able to talk when I run. (another reason) I guess I'll be finding out in a few months. Stay tuned!

Do you prefer to run with others, or alone?
Do you try to break your PR with every race? Or just run for the heck of running?


  1. Several people from my Running Club, including the folks who graduate Couch to 5K next week, are running the Lake Chabot race on the 2nd. It's sort of pricey though. The Lake Merritt runs are nice, and they are cheap.

  2. @C-Dog: I think that will be fun for the group. Haven't been there before, I should check it out one day.

    @BernadetteM: Running has provided me with the endurance I never had before. It's amazing.


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