Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My First Trip To Yosemite Totally Rocked!

Last month, the boys and I met up with my cousins in Yosemite National Park. I have always wanted to go. During the last couple of summers I kept hearing of more and more family and friends heading to Yosemite. I was a bit jealous. Once my cousin invited me and the boys, I accepted with the quickness. 

As we approached, the drive was full of awesome sights. Please excuse my pictures as they do not do them justice. It didn't take much to get me and lil man excited. I couldn't believe I was finally in Yosemite. My toe still ached so I couldn't run, (sniff-sniff). But I did enjoy all the walks. And we did A LOT of walking.

We rented a spot near Curry Village. (just the sound of the name makes me hungry) A nice little spot for our tiny tent. It really is tiny at 7ft x 8ft. But it fits a full size air mattress and 3 duffel bags nicely. We were near 5000 ft in November, so we expected some rain. To help shelter us we put our easy up above our tent. We went to bed early that night. It was right before 7:30pm. It was getting chilly and we snuggled under 5 layers of blankets. In the morning, I woke up to a snowy morning. I had such a huge smile on my face. It was SO beautiful. None of us expected that it would snow at our elevation. It was such a pleasant surprise which enhanced the beauty of the area. We enjoyed every minute of play time in the snow.

But look at what I found? 
What type of animal has a ginormous footprint like this? 
I really do want to know. 

Our camper neighbor across the way said that he saw a bear walk through our campsite around 7:30pm the night before. We had just gotten into our tent to go to sleep. I knew I heard something, and now I know that what I heard was the bear. Yes, Yosemite is full of bears. We have to store all food and anything with a scent (lotion, toothpaste, etc) in these bear lockers. None of these items can be stored in cars or campers either.

Well as it got colder, my cousin decided to rent a tent cabin in Curry Village. And well, we thank him for that because it did get quite cold. I believe it snowed another few inches. The tent cabins were cool. They literally are little cabins with a heater. There is no bathroom or sink, just beds, a chair and a set of shelves. And the bear lockers were right outside.


The one thing that the snow does not allow you to experience in Yosemite is hiking. So we'll have to return during warmer weather to do some hiking. It will be a different experience without the snow. But I think it will be just as fun.

I love living in California. We have the beach, desert, mountains, lakes, and snow all within hours of each other. I am blessed.


  1. Sounds like a great trip! I hope to get out there sometime.

  2. It definitely was. I am hoping to get out there during spring to do some serious hiking.

  3. Hi Melyssa! Thanks for the comment on my blog. Nice to know another Filipina runner here in California and in the blogosphere! Will add you to my blog roll =)

  4. Thanks Julie. I've got your blog on my google reader. The Vegas marathon looked like so much fun. Maybe one day.

  5. I can't believe you ran in the snow in vibrams! So awesome!

  6. the bear foot print scurrred me. beautiful pics though.

  7. @Jamie Oh no, I didn't. I really wanted to though. Jason Robillard has given tips on how to do so. My toe was still achy at the time. But I do want to run in the snow in my monkey shoes. Planning a weekend trip in Feb, so maybe I can do it then.

    @mrsdobolina Yeah, I still don't know what it is since bear footprints are round. Interesting though. Sasquatch maybe? ha!


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