Monday, March 21, 2011

A Rainy 5k

I totally crammed for this run. After being sick for about 2 weeks, I wanted to make sure that I'd be able to finish. It's about an hour drive my house to Oakland. I went to my friend Sherry's house, and then we both headed to Lake Merritt. A few minutes after we parked it started to rain hard.

Geez Louise!
Come on!

We sat in her car for a bit and then the rain did lighten up just a tad. We started walking to the sailboat house, and we made it just in time. With 10 minutes to spare, we got our race bibs, and tech shirts. The other 2 races I've ran, they held the shirts for us until after the race. That way, we didn't have to hold them when we ran. But not this time. Sherry asked one of the voluneteers if she could pick up her shirt after the race, and she basically asked her if it was a risk she was willing to take. She went ahead and left the shirt there.

It continued to rain. It never really let up. Then a volunteer held a flag and announced that all 5k runners follow her. Alright! Let's get this show on the road. (so I thought) She led us out from under our shelter of a tree and into the parking lot. The rain was really coming down hard. We were all getting drenched. Our monkey shoes were pretty darn soaked before the race began.

We waited and waited for the race to start. In the mean time, we were getting even more drenched. There was one guy who wore nothing but his shoes and a pair of running shorts. Brrrr. To kill time, the volunteer was telling us that the route was marked really well. We all responded with a....

Ok, let's just start.
Can we just run now?
Great, I'm sure we'll figure it out.
Let's go!

And then we were off. (finally!) After a few minutes Sherry said that she was going to go ahead and go a little faster. I told her in an email several days before, that she should go at her own pace and not hang with me. Especially since she just ran around the lake twice 2 days prior to the race. She totally could have done the 10k.

The first mile was tough. As with any run for me, it takes a bit to get into the rhythm. Plus, I've been running on the treadmill because it has been raining outside. Adjusting to running outside isn't always easy. The rain did not help at all. My hands were cold for the first mile and they almost felt numb. It got quite slippery in a few areas. I'm surprised I didn't fall down, but slipped a tiny bit due to hopping around the puddles and mud. I couldn't tell if my nose was running or if it was just water running down my entire face. It definitely was not a pleasant time.

I had stuffed my tech shirt in my hoodie. It probably looked funny, but what else was I going to do with it? I kept adjusting it throughout the race since it felt like it was going to slip out, which it finally did before the 1 mile marker. After picking it up, I walked some. I actually walked quite a bit. It was a bit frustrating seeing that I've been running straight for 30 minutes on the treadmill and I couldn't do it during the 5k. So the rest of the run I did the run/walk thing. I would pick an object and run to it, then walk to another object, then run to another object - you get the picture.

The hard rain turned into a sprinkle after the first mile. My hands weren't as cold by that time. And the closer I got to the sailboat house, the less I was walking. I was tired and just wanted to finish. I got to a turn and heard Sherry's cheer, and then there was the last stretch. That last stretch gives me that last needed boost.

There were quite a few of us getting in at the same time. Right after crossing the finish line, I started walking. Then I remembered I needed to stop my runmeter app. By the time I stopped it, it read 41:37, so I am hoping that my official time is a few seconds faster than that. I guess we just wait and see. Funny thing is that that's my official time from last year's Oktobrewfest in Davis.

Sherry finished in 27 minutes! My time was the usual 'right under 42 minutes' . I am actually surprised due to all the walking I did. But hey, I ran it. I didn't bail out due to the rain, and I finished it.

Are races for me? I don't know. I don't seem to do well in them. I am consistent with my time, but I don't seem to be progressing. So that's three 5k's under my belt now. I think for now, I'll just continue to run and increase my distance, or duration of my runs. Maybe I'll run another 5k when I hit the 4 mile distance during my training.

But this week's training wasn't bad at all. Ran 5 days and covered 9.68 miles according to my dailymile log. That's probably the most I've ever ran in a week. Hey, don't laugh. That's a lot for me. Ok, go ahead and chuckle.
Just as long as I'm running, I'll continue to have a smile on my face.


  1. Sis, I'm proud of you! You stuck it out. You didn't quit. You didn't let anything get in the way. And you finished. Showing up is an accomplishment. Finishing it is a HUGE accomplishment. Sorry I had to miss cheering you on. Next time you do, I'll do my best to be there and cheer you on. And if it's a fundraiser, I'll help you fundraise. Love ya!

  2. Nah, you run with me!

    But yeah, I think I'll just practice running for now. Got too much other stuff going on right now.


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