Monday, October 11, 2010

Backing Off Of My VFF's

Yes, I think I have to. I am sad. About a day after my first 5k (which was a week ago), I've had some TOFP (top of foot pain) on my right foot. Prior to my first 5k, I've only ran in my Vibrams about 2 or 3 times.

To get used to them I walked with them on the treadmill, and ran short spurts. The first time I ran in them, I just went. It felt SO good and I ended up running my fastest time ever. But I didn't stretch enough before and after the run and my calves got tight. I didn't run for a few days.

I've been running in them, but the pain is still there. I decided to look into it. I've read all sorts of posts about it and have come to the conclusion that I started off too fast in them. I didn't ease slowly into them and now I'm paying for it. I knew you had to ease slowly into barefoot running, or wearing Vibrams. But I thought that since I was already running in my sandals, and already walk barefoot inside my house on tile and pergo, that I could just make the switch to Vibrams. My sandals are minimalistic running shoes, so what's the difference? Apparently a lot.

After reading Abby Normally's post, I thought I should take care of my feet before I ruin them to the point where I can no longer run. Ugh. I couldn't do that. That would just destroy all the work I've done thus far and stall my path to becoming fit.

During my next run I'll run in my sandals. Then I'll run in my Vibrams on my next 5k in Davis, which is this Saturday. After that, I won't use my Vibrams for a few weeks, and just run in my sandals. Once my TOFP is gone, then I'll slowly (yes key word: s-l-o-w-l-y) ease back in the Vibrams.

sniff-sniff. This is going to be hard. Yes, I feel like I'm taking quite a few steps back. I'll have to start all over. But I need to listen to my body. Plus, a few weeks is a small price to pay for many running years ahead. And I'm still not wearing shoes, so I've come to grips with this.

Anyone else suffer TOFP due to rushing into Vibrams or barefoot running?

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