Sunday, October 10, 2010

Finally In The Water

Well more like on top of the water. We used to kayak often. The delta waters aren't too far from my place and best of all - it's FREE! Life has been passing me by and besides Shasta Lake, I haven't had a chance to go kayaking.

We went today. Finally! It's been so long. I've been very focused on running, but I've missed doing other activities. Kayaking is a good way for me to exercise my arms, and core. Just squeeze that core as you paddle to help maximize your workout. I just hope I can squeeze in a bit more paddle time before the weather gets cool.

In addition to the kayaking today, me and the fam went for a nice stroll through one of the three corn mazes at Dell 'Osso Family Farm. We went through the witch maze. And my son picked out a 33lb pumpkin!

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