Saturday, October 2, 2010

My First 5k

I didn't know what to expect on my first race. We got up early, left early and arrived in Martinez early. I got my bib and chip timer and put them on. Then we just waited. We had over an hour to wait. la de da, la de da. The high school band started playing. Slowly, more and more people showed up. This is me before the race, posted on livestrongday's posterous page. I wore my LIVESTRONG shirt since it was LIVESTRONG Day. And I always wear my LIVESTRONG wrist band.

Finally 30min til start time. I decided to warm up a little. Jogged in place and stretched. I saw my coworker Corey and met his friend Andrew. This was Andrew's first 5k also. People started to line up and I found my little spot in the crowd. And then we were off. It took a little bit to start going, but we soon slowly spreaded out. It was hard for me to find my pace. I couldn't tell if my pace was too slow or too fast. I didn't want to wear myself thin too soon.

I didn't see any mile markers, so I didn't even know when I completed the first mile. I didn't stop, I kept going. Then I heard a very loud "God damn it!". It came from a guy in a red truck. He was pissed that the road was closed due to the run. Wow! And then we had to stop! I was quite ticked. The cop told us to stop so he could let traffic pass. Um hello? Didn't he know this was a timed race? I was SO annoyed. I ran in place to keep moving, but it wasn't the same. It felt like we where waiting there for 45seconds. Doesn't he know what 45seconds can do to someone's PR? Then I saw the red truck and he was flipping people off. Hmmm, some people.

Ah, it was finally time for us to cross. FINALLY! But my run wasn't the same after that. It was hard for me to get back into the rhythm. And then there it was, the hill. I started to ran up it and then I lost power. I couldn't push it anymore. I had to walk it. It was a long arse hill. I was super disappointed about walking it. First having to stop to let traffic pass, and now walking the hill. But my spirits lifted a little bit as I neared the top of the hill for there was this beautiful view of the Benicia bridge. A nice Kodak moment, if I had a camera.

After topping the hill I ran and ran and ran. We went down the hill and then up again. Gosh, I must admit that I walked a bit when heading up the hill. It was really disappointing. Apparently, when I stop to walk once, I easily fall prey to walk again. Gosh! What was I doing? Then I ran. I had to try and make up some time. And then it was downhill. I was picking up some speed, but leaning back a bit so I didn't biff it. What a major let down that would've been. And then during the last turn, the last stretch, I pushed it! I ran my max speed and it felt great. But as I was heading towards the finish line, I saw that my time really sucked. All I remember was seeing 41min on the clock. Ugh. But now I wonder what my time would've been if I didn't stop or walk. I have that to keep me going.

My hubby was there and took this shot of me as I crossed the line. Oh my. Not the time I was expecting to do at all. But with the stop and the walking, I guess I shouldn't have been surprised. Definitely need to run for distance now and not for speed. I haven't ran a long distance in over a week since I was working on speed. 

It was quite an experience. Normally I roll out of bed and run. I always thought I was just using some raw energy during my morning runs. But today I had to eat breakfast, drive out there and wait before running. Definitely a different feeling from the start. But it was a learning experience and now I can be prepared for my next 5k in 2wks. I am no longer a 5k virgin.

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