Thursday, October 28, 2010

Oh NO, My Vibrams FAILED Me!

I know. It's hard to believe. One of my current favorite possessions has failed me.

This past weekend I attended a surprise 80th birthday party for my aunt. Yes, I know, 80! It was awesome. She was definitely surprised, and you could see it from the reaction on her face. *sigh* One of life's great moments.

The party had a Hollywood theme. Many wore glamorous dresses, some came as newspaper reporters, many wore super high heels (ouch!), while I was in my KSO's. Yes, I was wearing them to this shin-dig. I dressed up as a Hollywood bum. I guess I took the idea to the extreme, but no one set any limits. I got a few laughs, so it was all worth it.

In my family, when there's a big bash like this in a hall, you definitely know people are going to be getting their groove on. Oh yeah. I got out there a few times myself since I just can't help but let the music move me sometimes. But trust me, I'm not a great dancer at all. THEN we all started to do the electric slide. Oh snap! It's been forever since I've done this. I had to refresh my memory. And this is where my Vibrams failed me. They are NOT good for dancing. How does one do the electric slide if they can't slide? The rubber was sticking to the dance floor like a magnet. After a few movies I remembered how to do the dance, but you couldn't tell because my feet were sticking to the floor. I kept screwing up! It was a tiny bit embarrassing, but all in fun. 

Yes, these things are awesome. But they're just not awesome at everything. They do have their limitations. People did get a kick out of my toe shoes. My mom, who wears elevated heel shoes often, actually wanted a pair. I had to explain that is no heel cushion, so it would take some getting used to.

My 2nd cousin, who plays football and runs track, actually knew what my toe shoes were. He asked me how I liked them. I obviously raved about them. He said that he's been wanting to get a pair. I told him to let me know once he did so he could inform me of how he benefits from them.

Some other cousins were pointing at my feet and saying, "There they are!" I had a few good conversations about barefoot/minimalistic running that night. Good times.

Note to self: remove toe shoes while on dance floor.

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