Saturday, October 16, 2010

Walked Barefoot and Prepped

I have my 2nd 5k early this evening in Davis. I thought I'd prime my feet and walk barefoot around the neighborhood. Took the lil man with me. He wanted to run, but I knew I shouldn't. Stopped at the park so he can play and I ran in place for few minutes. Practiced my form by jogging about 6 feet in one direction, and then back. Did that about 3 times. Then walked all the way back home. It was really hard NOT to run around the neighborhood. But I knew I needed to save that for tonight. 

Got home and trimmed the toe nails. I was reading that it's important for runners to keep the toe nails nice and trimmed. Cut my finger nails too since I was at it. My hair needs a trim, but that's another story. I also massaged my feet and calves. Now just elevating my feet and resting up for tonight. It's weird having to wait all day for a race. I am anxious to go and get it done.

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