Monday, October 18, 2010

I'm SO Not Carrie Bradshaw

Me and my hubby really enjoyed watching the Sex and The City HBO series. We really couldn't relate to a lot of the glamorous and expensive city life, but it was entertaining to watch. Carrie Bradshaw was the main character played by Sarah Jessica Parker. Her character absolutely LOVED shoes. Not sneakers or sandals, but shoes with heels.

I thought of Carrie as I put my 'dressy' shoes on this morning. Today was dress up day at work. We had some important people visiting the office, so we had to dress our best. I had to dust off some 'nice' clothes. If you know me, I enjoy wearing comfy clothes. I don't like my clothes to feel as if they've been plastered onto me. I enjoy being able to move my limbs in all directions. Although what I'm wearing is somewhat comfortable, it's just not my usual attire.

But what's killing me now are my 'dressy' shoes. They're slip-ons, but still not comfortable. I mean, how can one go from wearing sandals all summer to wearing business casual shoes? My feet want to be free. Not only do they want to move around and enjoy some fresh air, I have a blister! Can you believe it? Walking in them for less than 2hrs and I now have a blister on my 2nd to last toe on my left foot. I cannot wait to get out of these clothes and especially these shoes. I put some scotch tape around it, but I can still feel it rub against the shoe. Ha! Didn't think you'd get so up close and personal with my feet, eh? Well get used to it. I'll be blogging about my feet more.

I am no Carrie Bradshaw. I never have been. Even at formal dances in high school, or at weddings, I would always kick off my shoes during the reception or when we were seated at our tables. I have forced myself into these nice shoes time and time again, but all I got in return was pain. I've always loved being barefoot in my home, and now I know why. It's because we were supposed to be barefoot. We need to listen to our bodies more often.

Tim Ferriss' post has pretty cool pictures on how shoes change the shape of our feet. When you compare the images you'll notice how awful we've been treating our feet. But society has somehow deterred us from having free feet. The shoe shaped foot is now considered normal, whereas the shoeless 'gorilla feet' are considered hideous. But then again, no wonder why people have so many foot problems. Ah, some now see the light as walking barefoot or in minimalistic shoes is being mentioned more and more in the media.

If you've never walked barefoot, do your feet a favor and try it.


  1. Dress Shoes are KILLERs on the feet...

  2. I agree, and boy did I feel that today. Now some gals (or guys) can wear them, but they've never been natural for me. And now taking a look into the health of my body, I am learning that I need to take care of my feet too.


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