Friday, October 15, 2010


Out of all the diseases in the world, cancer surrounds me. I am taking steps to take care of myself and my family by eating right and staying active. This does not guarantee that we won't get cancer, but I believe it decreases our chances of getting it. This is my personal opinion.

I do walks, donate, and hopefully will start running to raise money for research. I just came across this and I thought it was pretty darn cool. And it doesn't cost any money. I stress that because when something costs money, people are hesitant to give it away if they don't get anything back. So again, this DOES NOT COST ANY MONEY.

When you post to Facebook, Twitter, or a blog post, a nickle is being donated to beat cancer everywhere. But you MUST include #beatcancer in your posts. Check it out It starts today and they're trying to beat last year's results. So get on Facebook, Twitter and read those blogs so we can....


  1. Oh it's my pleasure. I want to #beatcancer like many others.


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