Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Have You Tried AquaHydrate Water?

I started learning how to run in order to get into shape, lose some weight, make my insides look good (per Dr. Oz's tv show), build endurance, etc. I want to take care of my body. And it actually makes me feel great!

Following Danny Wood on Twitter has been inspiring. He's always posting his workouts which keep me motivated. He started helping a friend promote this water, AquaHydrate.

Reading that your body requires hydration and repairing after strenuous activity, I started reading about different types of sports drinks. I read that coconut juice was actually a good and natural alternative to Gatorade, or what have you. Coconut juice turned out to be pretty good for me. I figured I should switch it up a bit so I looked into AquaHydrate.

While doing research on cancer, I learned that cancer can't survive in a non-acidic environment. One cancer survivor mentioned focusing on foods that helped her keep a good alkaline pH balance. I bring this up because this water contains a good balance of ionic minerals and alkaline pH. It's worth a try.

I found a place near my work that sells AquaHydrate, so I'll be getting a bottle or two on my next grocery shopping trip. Wait for a review soon!

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