Saturday, August 7, 2010

Week Five - Day Three

I only got about five hours of sleep and wasn't sure how I'd do today. I kept the pace pretty slow and easy. I mean I have to go 20min without a walk break, so I didn't want to tire out early.

I felt good this morning. I was constantly thinking about my form. Shoulders loose, arms moving front and back, back straight and I kept telling myself to lift my feet. I did start to tire and hoped I'd get a second wind. I don't think it really came, but I didn't stop. The podcast kept me updated on where I was during the 20min. 

Overall it wasn't bad. It was the toughest run by far, but I didn't give up. And during the last minute or so I picked up the pace. That felt pretty good to do.

I forgot to do my weigh in after my run. Oopsie. Oh well.

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