Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Week Six - Day Two

Why do I feel so out of shape? I can't continue to blame mother nature for this. Hmmm.....well, I started off fine. Actually picked up some speed towards the 2nd half of the first 10min run. But by the time I started the 2nd 10min run, I was already tired. Picked up some speed in the middle and tried to push it towards the end. Wow!

After stretching I didn't feel terribly tired so I squeezed in a little workout. Bicep curls and back strengthening exercises. I am really trying to include the back exercises to avoid the aches I suffered last week.

I did the plank as well, and then ended with more stretching. Wel, I'm looking forward to my first 25min run on the beach in the next day or so.

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