Thursday, August 5, 2010

Week Five - Day Two (turtle speed)

I gave my body two days to recover. After reading some articles online, it looks like being inactive prolongs the recovery process. (My desk job isn't helping it at all!) I took that info and just ran with it. Literally.

I am a day off, but did my 2nd day run today. I really slowed down the pace knowing that I am still nursing this achy back of mine. But when I run it doesn't ache. It's when I sit and lie down, that's when it aches.

Two 8min runs with a 5min walk in between. I'm glad I was still able to finish it since it's been 4 whole days since my last run. This really put me in good spirits.

Now the question is, can I do the full 20min run on Saturday? Hmmmm.....

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