Monday, November 1, 2010

Am I Starting Over?

If you've been following my runs lately (via this blog or dailymile) you've probably noticed that I haven't been running as far, or as fast. My runs lately have been under 2miles and under 20min. 

So what the heck is going on? 
Am I slacking?
Have I just lost the urge to run?
Am I injured?
No, no, and no.
There is a reason for this.

In previous posts I've mentioned having some TOFP (top of foot pain) which is common when one transitions from shoes to no shoes, or minimalist shoes. Since I was running in my sandals I thought I was ready for Vibrams. The first time I put them on they felt so good that I just kept running. I realized that I pushed myself too much, too early.

I've been reading that one should take it slow, which is what I didn't do. So I am kind of starting all over. My runs are shorter and I am slowly increasing my distance and time. I have been incorporating barefoot running as much as possible, and running in my Vibrams when I'm not barefoot. I am running on both the treadmill and the asphalt outside. 

It's a totally different feeling on asphalt. You really have to pay attention and sometimes you have to adjust where you're going to place your feet. I think running outside is more of a workout due to the different terrain, surprising little obstacles in your path from pebbles to CARS that don't see you, etc etc etc - you get the drift.

So yes, the distance I run will gradually get back up to 5k. Slowly. I want to do this right this time around. Who knows, I may even run my first barefoot 5k next year. You'll have to continue reading to check out my progress.


  1. Shoes are made for a reason. They help cushion the jarring on your lower body joints. I also wouldnt suggest running every day as that can cause overuse injuries that could set you back further than your current setback.

  2. I just prefer to do things a bit more naturally that's all. I was just talking to my grandma yesterday. She lived in the mountains in the Philippines and walked around barefoot, and maybe used some thin slippers. I just find is amazing and I guess, somewhat spiritual. My feet really like to be free.

    But, isn't the arch our natural spring in our feet?

    I do back to back runs on the weekends because that's the only time I can run outside for a longer period of time. I use the treadmill is a tool, but I don't prefer it. It has too much cushion even when running barefoot on it. Just preference.


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