Sunday, September 19, 2010

1 Mile And New Toys!

I decided to sleep in til 6am this morning. I ran a mile. The run was much better than last since I had music to keep me company. Apparently that really makes a difference to me. I picked up the pace a bit too, averaging about 13:30min/mile. The time for my mile today was 13:34. Per RunKeeper, my fastest time was minute 11 at a pace of 11:02min/mile. So my goal is to reach that.

Today I went to Dom's Outdoor Outfitters to get my KSO's. I am SO happy. One clerk pointed out the box of Five Fingers and mentioned that he really enjoys his. I told him that I can't wait to use them since I currently run in my Teva-like sandals. He was somewhat surprised and said that he has never heard of anyone running in sandals before. I found it interesting that he runs in vibrams but isn't aware of other minimalistic forms of "shoes". Along with my KSO's I got my matching CamelBak bottle with quick grip. Yay! I match!

Ok, I've got 13 more days til my first 5k. Time's a ticking!

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