Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ran on Treadmill with my Vibrams

Well I ran in the halls to get to the gym and it felt really good. In the gym I got the treadmill for 11min.

incline of 2.5:
     walked for 2min
     ran for 2min at 4.5 (this will get your heart pumpin!)
     walked for 2min
       jogged for 2min at 3.5
     walked for 2min

incline of 0:
     walked for 2min

I really wanted to run on an incline of 0 to see how it felt compared to the incline of 2.5, but time was up for my lil workout. Thinking of going for a run tomorrow morning. Then I'll let you know how it feels to run in Vibrams.

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