Saturday, September 4, 2010

So What's Next After c25k?

Well I definitely plan to keep running 3x per week. I've gotten into a routine and I don't want to break out of it. It took a lot to get to where I am now, and I don't want to throw all that hard work away.

I plan to work on my speed. I'm not very fast. How do I propose to do that? I  plan to go back and repeat wk7 until I can run 2.5miles in 25min. I'm just gonna keep at it until I get there. I'll start off slow and slowly increase my speed.

I also plan to really focus working on my arms, back and core at least 2x a week. Running is awesome, but I know I need to work on the rest of my body as well.

And yes, I haven't had time to search for a 5k to do this year. Any suggestions? 


  1. Just saw your comment on FB fan page for C25K! I also have a blog. While it's not about running, I did recently feature a post about the C2k5 and my's slow, but I'm hanging in there! Today I am ready for W6D2. I plan on entering my first 5K Oct. 16th....with some of my family members! I'm the old one in the group :) but it's also the first one for two others, so it will be fun!

    Keep up your good work!! dana

  2. Dana, I am considered a slow runner, but we can all work on that. Awesome that you're doing the program. I really believe in it.

    Do come back and let me know how your first 5k goes.


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