Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fresh Healthy Vending

Awesome, awesome, awesome!
This is total common sense, and someone finally brought it to life.

Vending machines are EVERYWHERE! Malls, strip malls, hospitals, schools, airports, etc. And they're all full of CRAP! They're full of candy, cookies, chips and sodas. And apparently we are all ok with that. But why are we ok with that? It's the norm.

I am hoping that this company will make a difference and begin the change to healthier eating. If all we're surrounded by is junk food, then that's what we gravitate to. But what we don't realize is that we're killing our bodies. We are constantly poisoning this temple that the Lord has given us.

Some schools have removed the vending the machines. That's a start. But what about all those other locations? The vending machines full of crap are still there.

Fresh Healthy Vending is going to STOMP on those high fructose corn syrup filled machines. (They even have a franchise opportunity if you're interested.) Let's give our kids, and the rest of us, a chance to eat healthier. And I hope in return, to live healthier.


  1. Fresh healthy vending Machines for Schools and Money for Schools. Fresh Healthy Vending donates up to $500 for each Fresh Healthy Vending Machine a school takes. Fresh Healthy Vending Machine Products meet or exceed all state nutritional guidelines.

  2. secure way to start a business, then it is wise to invest in Fresh Vending franchises,committed to assisting locations across the US provide healthy snacks conveniently Fresh Vending machines have succeeded in a host of common areas across the country .


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