Thursday, September 23, 2010

OMG! Faster AND Longer!

First off, I ran 30min in my KSOs today. And I just gotta tell ya, WOW! They were so comfortable. Yes, I felt more of the ground than I did in my sandals but that's OK because I'm supposed to. I didn't have to worry about any rocks or pebbles getting stuck in them because they fit like a glove. I am really impressed with them.

Not only are they comfy, I feel they gave me an edge. I ran much faster today. I felt like I had more endurance today. My legs were going faster for longer periods of time. I ran around those group of houses which I call my lap. I believe the most laps I was able to run in 30min was 6.75 laps. Well today, I ran a little over 7.5 laps. It felt awesome.

Having run the 7.5 laps, I was sure that I'd complete 3.1 miles, but I was wrong. I mean it was the highest number of laps I've ran. But.....

Per RunKeeper, this is today's results.

(Sorry, I still haven't bought the app to report on Twitter.)
That means my estimated calculations for my previous runs when doing the c25k program were not as close as I thought. What a bummer. But now I know. And an important tip is to download an app on your smart phone, or find a tool to track your distance and time. I definitely wish I would've done this earlier. But I'm learning.

The app is really cool since you get to see your average pace on a particular minute. I was so stoked to see that on minute 27, my average speed was 10:01min/mile. SO STOKED!

So my first 5k is in about a week. My goal was to run it under 40min. At this rate, I think it's very doable. On my next run, I'll have to run for 35min to see if I really do finish a 5k in my goal time.

So what was it that really gave me the edge today?
Was it....
     my carb loading on seafood pasta last night?
     not having ran my laps in a while?
     the vibrams?
     my short incline trainings on the treadmill?
     a good night's sleep?
     all of the above?

What do you think? Please share your thoughts.

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